How to catch a man in a lie

How to catch a man in a lie
 If we could read the thoughts of others, our lives would be a lot easier. Fully scan a person can not be, but to distinguish a lie in some respects can be learned. We just need to carefully watch his companion during a call.
 Pay attention to gestures and facial expressions of the person. Deceiver will try to divert your attention. Subconsciously, he may begin to actively gesticulating hands constantly nervously touching the ear or face. Gestures themselves liar unnatural, they are a bit fussy. Men can twitch foot, while women begin nervously to wind a lock of hair on his finger. If the source is often straightens your hair or pulls skirt, we can assume that in front of you a liar.

A non-avid liar, it will be difficult to lie while looking you in the eye. If the interviewee avoids your gaze, his face flushed and sweaty hands, most likely, he tells a lie. A person can be calm in appearance, self-control. But his heart will beat in rhythm quickened, so red face and sweaty hands.

Distracting gestures help liar win time trying to collect. If a person is often demonstratively yawns, picks up an object and looks at him, looks at his watch, maybe he's lying to you.

Issue a liar and can vote. If he is shaking, it appears some unnatural intonation, this is no accident. If a man writes a story on the go, in his conversation will be long pauses and abrupt phrases. To lie was more plausible liar include in your story details.

When you have any doubts about the veracity of the interlocutor, begin to ask leading questions and ask again. Make sure not get confused if the liar in the details, not smart enough to know what new things, telling the story again. Be sure that a liar will try to answer in short sentences, to avoid confusion.

Using these tips and watching the man, you are likely to catch him in a lie. But be careful not to take for symptoms lies the specific manner of your interlocutor to talk.

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