How to avoid loneliness: dating rules for men and women

How to avoid loneliness: dating rules for men and women
 Everyone dreams of finding your soul mate. But this does not happen by itself, it needs some effort. It is important to see not only the data a person who is nice to you, but his inner world, so goodbye, during which a person can get to know, so necessary.

Men do not need to be afraid to date a woman. Do a better job at the behest of the heart, and not when you believe, you will achieve in the life of all possible heights and be fully confident of their success. Do not delay a date for an indefinite period, especially if a woman really likes you. But you need to invite a certain place and a certain time, your invitation should be specific. For example, invite a woman in a movie, a walk in the park, in a restaurant.

Women, by contrast, do not invite the first men. While those who support feminists and challenge this assertion, but still at such a bold move on your part a man is likely to get confused and simply do not agree. Strong half used to think that some things in this life can only solve them, and try to challenge it, then doomed themselves to failure.

If the lady came out on a date, the man in any case should not allow it to pay for itself, even if it is offered, believe me, it will do so only in order to verify if you are a gentleman. If you can not spend money, it is better to invite a lady for a cup of coffee.

If a man is nice you do not need to hide it. Do not wait until it using the deductive method, it will be able to determine rather plain text.

During a visit to behave naturally, this applies to both men and women. No need to try to look more educated, well read, intelligent, than it actually is. In addition, the need to be able to listen to and hear the other party. You can not interrupt the person, or he may think that the object of his story is not for you any interest. And, of course, we must not forget about the complement of nice to hear not only women but also men. Only need to speak complement sincerely, without using the hackneyed cliches.

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