How do you know that he wants to leave

How do you know that he wants to leave
 Parting with a loved one - a hard life moment. It is always very unpleasant and sad, especially when there is a sudden. Yesterday was a perfect relationship, and today it offers to remain friends.  
 Unexpected gap caught off guard and a lot of questions: "Why, why, why so suddenly? ". But there were signs that he wants to leave. Just a girl looking at all the adoring eyes did not notice these signs or would not notice them. If we look at the relationship objectively, you can tell if they want to leave your loved one.

Lovers people dissolve into each other and want to spend all day together. They can not live without each other. When the relationship in a pair of cool and starts to bother constant closeness, the partner wants to devote more time to himself.

If young people find an excuse to cancel the bye, it should alert the girl. Of course, you should not immediately panic, maybe he has a lot to do, or have family problems. You never know what might distract him. But frequent walks with friends without you - it's a bad sign.

There is another point that should alert - the reluctance favorite guy to build joint plans for the future. Of course, a rare man will be every day to discuss the future family life. Many do scare themselves talk about marriage. But if the favorite does not want to discuss a joint vacation or even plan a general entertainment and holidays, it is clearly not going to spend time with you.

The fact remains that by nature men are polygamous. They do not consider it shameful to look after luxury blonde beautiful girl or discuss with friends. However, active communication with the other girls, especially with one particular woman should guard. Even innocuous communication via the Internet can go to a real relationship, which destroy your idyll. Suspicious are frequent and long phone conversations with women, dinners with female colleagues, visiting bars and nightclubs without his beloved.

A man who loves you, always ready to please. It gives romantic cards, flowers, chocolates, gifts. When his feelings grow cold, he forgets about it. Yes, and spend money on a girl with whom he has no plans to continue the relationship, it seems silly exercise.

If a man is planning a life together with his beloved, he resigns himself to the fact that he will have to communicate with her family. And he does everything to please her parents, try to find a common language with their sisters and brothers. If he does not plan a long relationship, it will be avoided communicating with your relatives. And to acquaint you, the time passes, with his family, he will not.

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