Flirting lessons: how to charm any man

Flirting lessons: how to charm any man
 Flirt - a weapon that is in the arsenal of almost any woman. Someone flirt happens easily and naturally, without stress achieving its goals, without much cost. However, for many women to understand the art of flirting is not so easy. Here are some useful tips for mastering the art of flirting.

Acquaintance - the first step in tackling flirtation. Successful original acquaintance once will cause the opposite sex interest and open field for further action. A common mistake - immediately brought before a young man in all his glory. A man may just be scared of your perfection and not afford to take chances. Better from the first minutes of dialogue to try to find something in common between you. This will allow you to make communication easy and effortless. Psychologists have long known that we are attracted to people, in something close to us in nature. Tune in for the total wave!

An important element of flirting - a good compliment. Time to say compliment means to strengthen relations and thrown silly phrase may even completely kill the nascent feeling. Correctly to accept compliments, too, need to be able to. If a man is praised, for example, your hair, do not immediately begin to tell you how to look after them hard. Feel sorry for you man just will not start. It's better he thinks you are perfect by nature. Good to compliment a man, recognizing his excellence in anything on them. For example: "You're so good with computers (football, cars and. T. D.) Could you tell us more? "Men like to feel better and exceptional, and your compliment passes the ball on target.

Everyday communication gives plenty of opportunities for flirting. In conversation do not have to build from a "lady of perfection", better to just enjoy the relationship, such as they are. Obsessive demand a serious relationship usually leads to sudden rupture. Even if this novel is finished stamp in the passport, forget it, you will like the pleasant bright and extraordinary event, and not as a missed opportunity in vain.

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