Sex toys for adults. How can diversify sex

Sex toys for adults. How can diversify sex
 Once you feel that you get bored and it's time to diversify sex life, problems with how to do it, you will not have. The easiest way - to visit the nearest sex shop. You make sure that the choice of subjects that can help to have fun and experience new sensations, very large.

Sex toys people began to use very long time. First it was the ritual cult objects, used, for example, during the worship of the gods of love in ancient Greece and Rome. Dildo was used by the ancient Egyptians and about two and a half thousand years ago. Progress does not stand still and humanity to expand the range and improved the data subjects.

The main principle in choosing toys - your mutual desire. It is best to agree in advance with your partner what excites him, and it is best to just go to the store together.

One of the best ways to add variety toilless in intimate relationships - erotic lingerie costumes and role. Live out your innermost desires and fantasies in a suit maid, nurse or naughty schoolgirl.

It is believed that the most common sex toy vibrators are They operate on batteries or mains. Vibrators can be clitoral, vaginal and anal. These toys can choose a variety of different colors, sizes and shapes. The main function for them - vibration, rotating movement, pulsation. Length can vary from twelve to thirty inches or more in diameter is from 2.5 to 5 cm. Their surface may have bumps, but may also be smooth or ribbed.

Help add variety and various greases and lubricants. They increase the comfort of an intimate relationship. They may be a gel, cream or spray. They also perform a variety of functions: exciting, prolonging, warming, and so on. D.

Male sex industry offers a variety of plastic doll and artificial vagina. They are made of soft, pleasant to the touch materials and resemble a touch of the human body.

All of these, of course, only a small fraction of the items that will make your intimate relationship richer. The main thing - mutual interest and love to experiment.

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