Erotic carnival. Costume play for him and her

Erotic carnival. Costume play for him and her
 If you've never made love in suits, be sure to try to do it. Despite the fact that at first glance, this idea may seem absurd and even strange, even staunch conservatives result can be very pleasant. Putting on a costume, you feel like a different person, while knowing that everything is a game, which means that you need to play its role to the end. Dressing can significantly diversify your love life, you will discover a completely different faces preliminary games and help overcome their fears and complexes.

Nurse - one of the most common male fantasies. It lies in the House and the sick, and here comes a pretty girl in a short white robe and asks him to undress, to listen to the pulse and breathing. The game can be complicated, a young man clothed in a suit of the doctor. Here the two of you will play the role of favorite "Ambulance" or "Internship" and maybe, just imagine what were alone on the night shift.

An interesting variant is suitable for the holidays - Santa Claus. If this fairy tale in you is still alive, you can safely put it into practice in the most extravagant ways. This script is perfect for couples who have somehow an element of domination.

The most simple role-playing game that does not require virtually no suits - the arrival plumbing. The girl wears a sexy robe, under which you can wear beautiful clothes, but you can do nothing to wear. A man wears a tarpaulin boots and work shirt. After that, everything is in your hands. A young housewife cause plumbing, and he offered her a "clean pipe" or everything goes to some other scenario - here you can dream up on the go.

For more sophisticated options fit with beautiful fancy dress which can now be ordered online. It could be the musketeers, and astronauts, and even the bus controller and schoolgirl bunny who lost his ticket. If you are attracted to the usual costumed presentation and the opportunity to feel the real actors, you can use any costumes that you can only find in the Internet. For those who primarily gives preference to sexual overtones process of changing, the ideal would be special erotic costumes from sex shops. Here all the necessary details on display, and the extra folds of fabric and drapery, interfere with the process, do not exist.

Playing, do not forget who you really are. This process can be so exciting that you will begin to invent more and more new options, forgetting the usual night two young people in love. Learn to get out of life what you think necessary, but do not forget that the most vivid and strong sense of closeness is a loved one, rather than a theatrical staging of the actors.

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