Attachment and their consequences

Attachment and their consequences
 Affection - is the desire to preserve as much as possible emotional intimacy with another person. The need for attachment is formed at an early age and persists throughout life.
 Emotional connection with parents is very important for the formation of the child's personality. Its deficiency can lead to a variety of developmental disorders. Emotionally rejected by children often lag behind in development. They have poorly developed speech communication skills. All the energy that should be directed to the formation of personality, goes to search for warmth and anti-anxiety states.

In adult life, children rejected by their parents, can not build their personal relationships, because it simply can not give what had been deprived in early childhood. Staying emotionally unavailable to others, they constantly need to close "prove" your love.

There are two types of people who have not developed a sense of attachment in due time:

Closed type. Do not trust anyone from the surrounding. Very critical to your family and believes. That no one in this life can not be trusted. Do not get along with colleagues at work and prefers to work alone. Criticism is not able to take adequate, considering that this is another machinations of enemies. Their freedom and independence of the values ​​above all else. Any hint of a serious and long-lasting relationships perceives as a threat. Often goes headlong into work, in order to avoid personal life.

Anxious-resistant type. Very loves to take care of and look after, assuming that that it is simply used. Searches for a sense of security in a relationship. Always gets into an emotional dependence on the partner. Engaged in an idealization of their relationship. From a partner requires proof of love and significance. Requiring constant communication, can be extremely intrusive and unpredictable. He considers himself unworthy of these feelings and often fiddles with sincerity partner.

Form an attachment in an adult can only be a long and hard work. Partner must understand the causes of a behavior of his "emotionally unavailable" satellite. Weighing every word and deed, wary of what can again get to doubt his sincerity. If you really love and are willing to understand and forgive your partner peculiarities of his character, then you are guaranteed success.

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