5 reasons that prevent men enjoy sex

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 Known Western broadcaster FOX analyzed the reasons why men may avoid sex. 4000 was considered an example of people who live in a marriage without sex completely, and many of them refuse kisses, hugs and caresses. A survey was conducted, in which identified the major sexual problems is from the male side.

The most popular issue, according to the survey, was the transformation of sex in the usual routine, or "partner no longer enjoy sex." As a result, a man lose interest in sex, in which there is diversity. Although it is worth noting that many men do not even try to diversify sexual relations. Instead, it is an argument with a partner for the lack of desire and pleasure.

The second most popular reason was the lack of interest of interest to his wife as a sexual partner. Most men masturbate, that is not talking about the absence of any desire to have sex in general, and a lack of interest to the partner in particular.

The third reason - anger. Men think that women constantly criticize them and underestimated. They are constantly screaming, trying to quarrel constantly dissatisfied with something. At such times, does not have enough time and effort on the manifestation of these feelings in bed.

The fourth most popular reason - "the wife put on weight too." It is worth noting that a man, to gain weight, does not cease to consider themselves attractive. While in relation to a woman a man a few more critical and believe that rastolstevshie wife is ugly.

Fifth reason is viewing porn. The fact is that the fantasy men can replace real sex, even if the woman does not criticize him and tries to diversify sex life.

Among the less popular reasons abstinence or lack of pleasure that indicated men, it may be noted health problems (impotence), mental disorders, depression (for both partners). Sometimes temperance man tries to punish a woman for any offenses. At the same time, sexual desire may decrease depending on the reception of certain medications that reduce libido. This is all, of course, affects the availability of sexual desire. Still, many of these problems can be solved. Of course, if a man will meet.

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