With a clean slate ...

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 Statistics show that a third of marriages breaks. People go through a lot of frustration, the collapse of their expectations, are losing faith in personal happiness. But time passes, and nature takes its: Everyone dreams of finding a soul mate, which can go hand in hand through life. Start with a clean slate - is it possible?
 Of course, it would be wise to build a new relationship with a man, when over you no longer dominates the ghost of the old marriage. It will be possible in the event that you have resolved all major issues that bind you to the past, for example, legal, financial or apartment.

But it is important to find not only material but also psychological freedom from the previous marital union. Analyze the reasons for your bad experience, mistakes made by you and your partner, your weaknesses. This is necessary in order not to repeat it again. If this you need psychological help, do not hesitate to contact specialists, because you want to make your life a success?

Try not to rush into remarriage. First, make sure that the new union implies you do not desire to quickly forget about the old, revenge or simply start a family, and a real sense. Remember that the past will always be with you, but those leaves your life is already inscribed, as you write other new ink.

If you met a worthy partner, be honest and frank in dealing with them. Tell us about your concerns and fears, share your thoughts about the future and about their hopes. It is important to start a new life with the trust between you. Openly discuss material issues, principles of economy, employment, the birth of children and so on. It is better to discuss how to face the future with complete incomprehension.

Leave the past there where it is, as expected, will not be refunded. Do not remember endlessly with your current partner of the former: bad words can be perceived with annoyance, good - inadvertently offend or insult.

Forget about the old traditions, requirements, and settings you had in a previous life. If you ever accidentally discovers in his new "half" the familiar shortcomings of the former spouse, do not panic, remember that all people have their "cockroaches in my head." But, first, you should listen to the person, you must learn to compromise, and, secondly, many of the shortcomings can be quite turn into advantages.

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