Why are online dating?

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 In the age of modern technology and high speeds, life changes its appearance, gaining momentum. Privacy time less and less, and how you want happiness and family well-being! Widespread got to explore a place called the internet - it does not require trips to the clubs and pubs, and almost on the job and at home. What should I be afraid when meeting in the network?

Social networks are full of suggestions about dating. Who just can not be found there: men and women, boys and girls, lonely and not very - in search of friendship, communication, love and sex, as well as ways to make and even, do not be surprised to cash, or as they say, "dissolve".

No strangers in this case are more likely able to distinguish gigolos from hardened romantics and idealists. But if you're just starting to learn expanses of the Internet - dating, you should be familiar with the possible scenarios.

Ask yourself the question: What do you expect from dating? Whatever the answer, be very careful. To start socialize with your new friends, enjoy its profile, dating goals, the presence of the photo, but keep in mind, the picture can be depicted by a different person. A guide for you to be and how people wrote about how well, and only then make a decision to meet or not?

Alfonso (and others flawed in anything men) often catch lonely looking great love girls, skillfully playing on their feelings. They are excellent psychologists. After a brief association recognized you in love, offered his hand and heart, tell about yourself tragic and sentimental story, in order to cause me to pity. The next target will be hit in the story about how they cheated women and that you are "a ray of light in the darkness." They can dress up and over the laurels of success and prosperity.

The next stage of the relationship will come after you give him your phone number. Yesterday barely know you people will suddenly become for you almost the most near and dear. He will listen with great interest to your problems, to understand, to sympathize, to advise. It may happen that friends and girlfriends will be in the background. After establishing a trusting relationship may arise requests of a material nature and genuine resentment in response to your distrust. At the first suspicions stop communication without any regrets. And another important point - a lot of dating sites for persons serving a sentence in prison. So be careful.

The consequences of online dating can be very grim. Without realizing it, you will become a "sponsor" (starting with requests to put money on the phone, ending the devastation of your account or registration of the loan). You can become a victim of sexual violence, or even get into sexual slavery. People with mental disorders and manic tendencies seek out their prey not only on the dark streets, but also in the network. As a result of possible losses dating apartments, cars, and even their lives.

But do not despair, not so sad! There are online dating and happy end, when the feelings are carried on fiberglass. When two loving hearts, experienced much suffering, suddenly found each other, breaking distance and uncertainty, and like a fairy tale, a love story ended in marriage. Main -Be very cautious and careful when choosing a companion, in order to avoid unpleasant consequences.

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