What to tell his gifts

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 Receive gifts not only nice, but also very useful. But what's the use? And the fact that you have the opportunity to learn a lot about your man if a gift analyze it.

Slippers, little animals

Flee from it, while there is still hope to do it first. He treats you like a gentle, warm and gentle creature that is nice to have at home. If he needed a storm of emotions, he does not go to you, believe me. If you have firmly decided to continue a relationship with him, try to shake them: buy sexy lingerie and sex toys.

Something for home

It's time to take her man's hand and calmly tell him that iron or blender - gifts for the home, but not for you. Maybe he just does not understand. If he remains deaf, present it to the next holiday and be sure to sign the vacuum cleaner on the present name of the happy owner. Let him know that it is now part of their duties.

Something with meaning

Book, music CD, an interesting movie, some little thing in your style - a great signal. Let the man have not spent a lot of money for a gift, but he was thinking about you, and it's great! This gift says a careful and gentle to you with respect.


Dream, not a gift! But be careful to someone who gives you a car. If you know him for a long time and your relationships are very serious - congratulations! If this is your recent beau, take a look at it. Sometimes men makes them luxury gifts, seek a way to gain control over the woman.


If you receive as a gift a diamond ring, but do not get along with him a marriage proposal - not a good sign. Maybe your man is committed to ensuring that all fix your relationship at this stage. Ring from her husband or fiance speaks of his generosity and a weak mind. Earrings or necklace - gorgeous and very erotic gift, get ready to try it in the bedroom.


This is a very, very intimate gift. The man certainly feels your loved one. If the smell of a new one for you, then it all depends on whether he will like you. If yes - hold on to a man, it is absolutely your man. If not - well, probably with the man who gave this perfume, you are on the way.

The Rest

You are very lucky! Man differs generosity, imagination, thoughtful and easy-going. The most difficult thing that you have to - do not melt in the first few minutes.


A man who gives you some gadget undoubtedly caring and modern. Unfortunately, many men are subconsciously believe that all women - cute and silly creatures, and therefore are not able to deal with a complex toy. But be prepared for the fact that he will constantly pick up your gift to "set time" or "download a new application."

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