What do you want to know about sex, new facts

What do you want to know about sex, new facts
 Seemingly about sex has been known for almost everything. But no, from time to time and tireless scientists even more tireless compilers opinion polls find out something new and juicy on this side of the life of mankind.

Sex - the party of people's lives, which is not made specifically to talk and talk. Let the media and trying to build a sex to the rank of religion, and commercial organizations - to the status of a panacea, with which you can sell anything - intimate life yet still refers to the taboo topics. The more valuable the emergence of new facts from the field, contributing to the elimination of sexual illiteracy.

The relationship between sex and food is undeniable. Whole tracts - both ancient and modern - are devoted to the gastronomic component prelude to sex. Since ancient times, people know that some foods (seafood, various vegetables) are aphrodisiacs and are able to stimulate sexual desire partners. You can not say, by the way, about the fast fude.

Hamburgers, pizza, french fries reduce testosterone male body. And besides, contribute to obesity.

As for coffee, the results of the polls say that those who drink coffee more often and with great pleasure to have sex than those who refused flavored drink.

Those same polls say that 70% of women, if you force them to choose, prefer sex chocolate bar. Most certainly a reasonable attempt to reconcile, "biting" chocolate sex. After all, for 1 sexual act (which, by the way, in spite of "Fantasy" porn authors, lasts no more than 6-10 minutes), the body burns about 400 calories.

However, the porn industry - it is rather the good than evil. Whatever argued about this hypocrisy subjects. After all, thanks to free access to sexy videos and photos over the past 25 years, the number of rapes in the world decreased by 85%. By the way, scientists have found that lesbian love scenes in erotic films excite women no less than heterosexual love scenes.

The fact that regular sex promotes good mood and well-being has long been known. But the woman refuses to have sex because "a headache", enter unwise. After orgasm - the perfect remedy for headache, as during sexual intercourse in the body releases massive amounts of endorphins.

In addition, sex - a great prevention of colds. Not only. Scientists have discovered that in the human body, twice a week to have sex content of immunoglobulin A, is responsible for a strong immune system, 30% more than in the blood of the person who pays lovemaking less time. These are amazing facts.

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