What and why it is impossible to give

What and why it is impossible to give
 "The Gift - do not buy not Hayat and praise," - says the proverb. No doubt, a good gift - always a joy and giving, and the donee. Gift from the heart helps to express the feeling of love, respect, appreciation, gratitude ... But a gift may disappoint. This happens when a mistake in choosing a present: there are some things that just are not accepted to give.

Infallible rule: do not give things that can cause negative emotions or the donee to put in an awkward position.

Gift should not even indirectly hint a person about his shortcomings and problems. Unpleasant woman will get wrinkle cream, tool labeled "diet" or other hygiene products (eg deodorants). Full man does not perceive as a gift scales, bald - wig, hard of hearing - player. In the gifts should not be ambiguity (Trophy - antlers - not in all cases be an original gift).

Forbidden gifts have long been considered to be products of "danger": pyrotechnics, prickly, sharp, cutting and piercing items (they - symbols of hatred, variance).

Hardly a good gift would be clothing and shoes: you can miscalculate and size, and with models without knowing the preferences of the person. Especially may be wrong choice as a gift of perfume, especially for women: it is difficult to know for sure what scents and colors of cosmetics will be welcome. Suppose such a gift only if it is made a professional beautician, stylist or relatives, who know the taste hero of the occasion.

Unacceptable "roles" gift some innocuous household items. For example, slippers, handkerchiefs (association with sad rituals are obvious). In the same series - medical supplies, unwittingly reminiscent of diseases.

Not accepted to give a mirror, pearl jewelry and watches. Here taboo - more of omens and superstitions: pearl - symbol of tears, clock - a symbol of the passing of time and the approaching end of time (hours-a gift in Japan, for example, represent the "obsolescence century").

For women, the birthday girl is not happy will not be ordered for a gift, household cutlery, pots and pans: firstly, because it is meant for the whole family, and secondly - reminiscent of the economic troubles.

Tactless man even give his bride underwear, swimwear, stockings and other accessories for the ladies' room. It's too intimate gifts. Men do not really favor as gifts ties and socks, even from relatives (this is not an original new dress for a long time).

High-quality, "named" drinks - a traditional gift, but they certainly presented either in the original or in a beautiful package. Women do not give alcohol.

For ethical reasons, no gifts during their studies do not give children the students to the teacher. These offerings just nepedagogichno. Give something memorable from the heart can be after graduation.

At the wedding (or wedding anniversary) do not give something that can be assessed only one of the spouses.

It is unwise to give pets: not everyone is ready without preparation to take responsibility for the pet (exception to the rule - a preliminary agreement).

It is not necessary to give your photos if you specifically asked for it. Do not give the picture a plate-engraved on the front side (it is too intrusive and indiscreet reminder of who made a gift).

Not presented as a gift to the icons and paintings with sad and gloomy scenes (if they are not designed for the collection).

Cash gift is appropriate, but the bill without an envelope (preferably beautiful) not awarded. It is better to make the envelope a little surprise, a box of candy or flowers. You should not give too expensive gifts. The feeling of the debtor and the dependence - an unpleasant feeling. Do not push the donee failures.

The best gift - one that will be harmonious with the character, tastes, interests and lifestyle to whom it is intended.

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