Watch as a gift - to separation?

Watch as a gift - to separation?
 At first glance, the clock - a great gift. Swiss firms expensive products made from precious metals, or watch a funny cartoon characters and inscriptions, and can be a great watch handmade, which hung on the wall - such a thing is able to please the hero of the occasion. However, there is a perception that such a gift promises misery.
 According to superstition, the clock - it's a reminder of how much time you spent on birthday. In addition, they alleged its ticking closer upcoming separation and metered last moments of your happiness. Also, the clock may find a hint of longer young age. In China it is considered at all, and a reminder of a death, so if your friend is interested in fesh-shui, be twice as careful with such a gift.

There is also a sign that the person will live as much as will be donated to go watch. Pretty scary - because this stuff tend to break down, to stop, if the owner forgot to make, and require replacement batteries.

Opinions differ on what kind of hours so detrimental effect on a person. Some believe that it is impossible to give a wrist, the other - that all clocks are banned.

In deciding whether to make such a gift in the first place to find out the opinion of the birthday boy. If it is - a superstitious person, give the clock in any case should not be. This Presentation does not take any pleasure, and only frighten the culprit celebration. If your friend - an inveterate materialist, but you're worried that the clock will spoil your relationship, maybe you should not do such a gift.

If you still want to make such a gift, but are afraid to death execution signs, you can take the next ritual. Offer a hero for the day you buy the watch. Of course, for the symbolic ten cents. In this case, you'll do the desired gift, and avoid retribution for it.

Argued that thought - material. If you and your friend can not see anything wrong in expensive watches as a present, it is unlikely that you will something bad. Do not listen to the lamentations of superstitious relatives and enjoy the holiday and great gifts.

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