Unexpected facts sexual statistics

Unexpected facts sexual statistics
 These sex-statistics are interesting because they reflect hidden sexual motives of men and women. Sometimes it is helpful to know some savory features of life of the opposite sex. It should be noted that all of the facts and are not conditional on one hundred percent certainty.

So, the researchers found that:

Regular sex is extremely beneficial for overall health. They not only improve the immune system and contribute to the normalization of excess weight, but also reduce the body's pain threshold. Thus, the female orgasm has long been recognized as the best pain reliever for all ills.

There are women who have never achieved an orgasm. For example, the famous Marilyn Monroe.

More than 14 liters of sperm produced by the body of the average man in my life.

Some women kiss enough or strong compression knees to get an orgasm.

In some countries, impotence - a good reason for divorce.

It turns out that many women during sexual pleasures are on the site of his partner a very different man.

The required duration of regular sex for women - at least 40 minutes without interruption. This duration improves mood and well being of the fairer sex.

Sex prevent the occurrence of depression. Since during this process in the body is actively produced endorphins (happy hormones).

Main erotic fantasies female - is unconventional sex with their own partners, sex with a stranger and sex in unusual places.

During the day throughout the world is 120 million least sex.

40% of women change their partners. While among men it is less - only 30%.

Female gender thinks about sex no more than three times a day. Men remember him more than 10 times.

For one, having sex can burn more than 360 calories.

In the world of wildlife there are only two species of mammals that are making love for fun. These are the people and dolphins.

People who like to drink coffee, on average, have sex more frequently than others.

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