The destructive power of love: unrequited love

The destructive power of love: unrequited love
 Love - a beautiful, sublime feeling that ennobles man, makes him happy, inspires the most light and good deeds. But it can also cause him severe mental suffering to get tormented. For example, for a guy a real torture to see how the girl he loves, for which ready to literally everything, absolutely indifferent to him, and his attempts to courtship. Or, much better, refers to him only as a friend, strongly implying that more should not count.
 For selfish, sensitive people, this situation can turn into a deep depression, and in the most severe cases - even attempt suicide. At best, they can be hardened to the whole world, start cynical about the opposite sex. To avoid this, unrequited lover guy need time to recover, pull yourself together.

Folk wisdom says knowingly: "Time heals" and "Out of sight - out of mind! "If it is possible, the guy is better to completely stop all contact with the object of his unrequited love. Ideally, go somewhere to another city to get a job in shifts in remote areas, expedition, etc. At first it will be difficult, then gradually become easier.

Should always inspire me: "So, no luck. What can you do? Maybe it's for the best. Who knows what would have ended the matter, if the love was mutual! "What if, on the contrary, after a while it became clear to the couple absolutely not fit together? And if it turned out already married, when there would be children? What love was unrequited, perhaps spared from a lot of trouble in the future.

On the subject of unrequited love world is large enough. Around full of good girls. Blinded by love the guy just did not pay attention to them, for him there was no other members of the fairer sex. Now is the time to take a close look at the sides. Almost certainly met a girl who can make him happy.

You can try to get mad at yourself, shake, saying that it was I worried, because I did not appreciate it, could not see my virtues! This girl is not worth it to because of her wag their nerves.

Finally, the best means of distraction from painful thoughts - work. The guy should find such an occupation, which would absorb as much as possible. Then there will be no time to recall his unrequited love and constantly feeling sorry for myself. Along with the main work, it could be an interesting hobby, a hobby.

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