Monotony in sex leads to the breakdown of relationships

Monotony in sex leads to the breakdown of relationships
 They say that in the good old days all the men were all hunters. Hunted deer, bulls, tigers and other animals. And today you can flatter a man, calling him a hunter. Only in a completely different way. What a hunter of wild beasts of elegant businessman riding on an expensive jeep? No, the object of the hunt for him - a woman. To achieve its location, a man ready to throw flowers at the feet of the ladies, diamonds, car. And how it all ends? You guessed it - a bed.

This is quite a typical situation, a prelude family life. In our time to find a partner - a piece of cake. And further events will develop well-known scenario: the husband brings home money regularly performs conjugal duty, helping to raise children. Com responsibilities over the years, growing, life begins to seize both spouses ...

Clearly, the man is tiresome existence oppressed, he wants some variety. As a rule, the "victory" on the side rarely convicted. And, in fact, possible to execute a man who is not satisfied with having sex with your wife?

Psychologists say that the average man thinks about sex a lot more often than women. But a woman in this matter is far from defenseless creature. She is also interested in the dignity of men, only makes it much thinner. The fair sex who rarely initiated into his adventures. But the stronger sex often gets in the act. Therefore, it is believed that the man - "walkers" to the ladies, and their wives - the saints.

In practice, everything happens. After a few years of marriage, when everything about each other already known, the couple begin to glance to the left. This does not mean that love is completely gone from their lives. They are doing their dirty work and monotony "bytovuha." And the man and the woman did not appreciate fully nor life, neither sex life. All finishes mutual dissatisfaction, suspicion, jealousy, scandals. The day is near when the couple started talking about divorce and division of property. The reason for these differences, especially in sex. There is nothing new in private life they can not come up, but rather do not want to. Much easier to find yourself on the side of the new partners.

They had no idea comes that sex with imagination, the ability to speak with her husband on the most intimate, confidential topics could save their family from falling apart. Finally, there is the internet, where you can get knowledge about all kinds of sex. There are specialty stores where you can buy different toys for lovemaking. In the intimate life should have no place Trapped should give free rein to the most daring fantasies.

This woman is always trying to be attractive to men, so he will not lose the desire to see her coveted prey. The only way to save the feelings and mutual passion.

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