Magic touch

Magic touch
 Human skin - an organ of the body, which has an area of ​​about two square meters. On its surface are located millions of different receptors, of which about five hundred thousand touch and pressure receptors.  

It is known that women are more sensitive to touch than men. Already at birth little girls are more sensitive, and the skin of the adult female is about ten times more sensitive to the touch compared to leather men. Leather women are thinner than the skin of men, it has a layer of fat pads, which provides warmth in winter and makes a woman more hardy.

Women who have more sensitive receptors are paying more attention to such a concept as a hug. According to studies, the probability of touching a woman to her interlocutor during the conversation about six times more than the same probability in men.

Women tend to a wider range of touch, only women say about pleasing a man, that he has a magical touch, everyone else for her to be just thick-skinned or thin-skinned. Sensitivity to touch women directly expressed in her speech, it is women who often use such expressions as "touch" and "vestsya the skin", "rub the wrong way" and others. According to research scientists, men under stress turn in on themselves and avoid touching. Women are in a similar situation on the contrary seek touches the beloved. When a woman is offended, it is likely to say, "Do not touch me! »

The skin is thicker in men than in women (because the latter more wrinkles), and by the time they reach puberty boys almost completely loses its sensitivity to touch, since ancient times men needed insensitive skin to hunt, fight with wild beasts, and so on. d.

Men are also less sensitive to the pain of others, if a woman is ill, she had a high fever and severe pain, the man most likely to think that things are not so bad and you should not dwell on this much attention. However, in moments of empathy during the competition (where there is aggression) man, on the contrary does not lose sensitivity, and looking like during the fight one of the contestants gets his woman only say: "I guess it is very painful," as a man bend in half and moan like a blow struck him, and he felt the pain itself.

Children are especially sensitive to touch. Scientists have proved that children whose mothers caress their babies get sick less often carry diseases and easier than those whose mothers for one reason or another do not iron. Touching the mother are extremely important for the child, they provide him a sense of security and comfort that are so important for the proper development of the baby.

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