How to build a harmonious relationship

How to build a harmonious relationship
 Harmony in relationships simply because she is not there, if not to make this effort. When two different people live together, there are still minor troubles that have to be able to overcome together.
 Be together always and everywhere. Of course, well, when you trust your partner and let him meet with their friends, go fishing, etc. But it is doubtful whether the relationship of man and woman will become stronger after that. Respect each other's interests, even if they are very different. Drive with your companion for fishing, let him in turn goes with you to concerts, ie spend together as much as possible, that there is more to the conversation. As a result, you will have common interests.

Communicate with your spouse. Take a genuine interest in his affairs, ask how he spent the day that interesting he read in his newspaper, etc. Offers its assistance in any matters. But if he is not in the mood and does not want to tell you about something, do not push. Want to - tell himself later. This women should make all their problems, and men need solitude to sort things out in my mind.

Do not hold a grudge his companion. Do you hate socks scattered in different corners? Tell him about it. When all the nasty little things pile up, then turn into a big brawl. Talk about every little thing that you do not like his behavior. Learn from him that he does not like you. Just do not overstate their claims. We must accept the person for who he is.

Do not covet your man. Be sure of it. Not shackled his "chain", keeping to himself. If your partner loves you and respects, it will be with you by choice, not by force, and the other women he does not need. Relax and feel happy with him.

Be honest with your loved ones. All the secret soon becomes obvious. And when it becomes clear to what good does not. Lie does not develop a harmonious relationship, so tell the truth to the man.

Appreciate your favorite and perfection for him. Only then you will come harmony in the relationship.

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