Harmony sexual relations

Harmony sexual relations
 In dictionaries the word "harmony" is explained as consistency, proportionality, consistency. Sought it at all times, in all manifestations of complex human life in the soul in the body, work, communication and, of course, in sexual relations.
 Harmonious relationships - those that bring joy, satisfaction, pleasure, this is only positive emotions. On the one hand, sex affects the relationship between people, on the other hand, problems in relationships, communication parterres affect sex life. Both sides of our lives are closely interrelated. Harmony in sexual relationships enables partners to overcome the many conflicts and to find solutions. After a night of love partners can not remember their differences. Sex and intimacy are so close and interconnected that determine which of them is more important, it is simply impossible. Psychologists and sexologists claim that to achieve consistency in sexual relationships can be. It is important to follow a few rules.

Harmonious sexual relations are based on the knowledge of each other, on the ability to give pleasure to the partner's nice. According to experts, those who promote and seeks to free love, is not able or willing to make an effort to achieve consistency and harmony. Why spread, to work during intimacy when each new partner gives a splash of new emotions, new supplies, but, alas, quickly passing sensations. If you want to achieve harmony in sex, to know each other, adapt, think more about partner than currently.

Experiment. Even the most passionate and rough sex can eventually get bored and become commonplace. Sexologists say that many couples complain about cooling feelings that proximity has become customary, no pleasure and satisfaction. Commonplace and everyday life - one of the causes of the harmony of sexual relations. Just experiment and can help bring back the thrill. A change of scenery, use role-playing games. For example, a woman can become a queen, and a man or a page he - my lord, and she - the maid. Good result gives change of intimacy, emotional mood change.

Agree that even good sex can not hold two non-people loving each other close for many years. Harmonious sexual relationships are impossible without love, because they should be based not only on the physiological needs of the body, but also on the desire to be with this man, to feel his nearness, to experience the joy of touching, tender and gentle words. It is necessary to merge shower stalls and a desire to give affection, to please him.

The basis of harmonious relations in the pair, including sex, depends on the balance in the family, the ability to step back from the external conflicts, leaving them beyond the threshold of your home, the ability to find common language with each other to solve family problems. Emotional distinction - problems and relationships - will help create harmony "in bed".

It is important not to change partners in the pursuit of new sensations, and strive to achieve harmony with your loved one to love, to care, to know the partner, give him joy and satisfaction, to discover new facets of his and his feelings.

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