Wedding bridal bouquet

Wedding bridal bouquet
 Beautiful bride in white dress turns and throws, not looking at a bunch of guests, and according to the sign, the kind of girl will catch him, and she will marry next. Prior to this, the bride almost always goes with a bouquet, so it should not only be beautiful and stylish in itself, but also meet the dress and accessories attire of the bride.

We can say that a bouquet - wedding mood is all decorated in colors. No wonder all the wedding photos he paid a special place. This is a very important detail, without which the ceremony and celebration will not be able to find his face. With a bouquet associated with many traditions and rituals. Often it uses toastmaster, playing in a competition or in a festive program. To present the bride bouquet, according to custom, the groom must, and this is no less than the ring, the degree confirms the fact that she agreed to marry him.

As a rule, people are ordering wedding bouquet for the bride an experienced florist, showing him the dress model and briefly talking about the style of the wedding. Less common future newlyweds just go to the salon and choose your favorite model of the bouquet that suits them.

If you plan to enter additional bouquets for the bride and witnesses, it is necessary to make sure that the bride's flowers in harmony with all of them. Bouquet of the groom - a small boutonniere that young man sticks in his buttonhole. As a rule, all done in the same style, of the same color in wedding bouquets photos rhyme, it's very beautiful. Flowers witnesses, if you decide to enter them, must first be combined with each other, and then the bride with a bouquet and groom's boutonniere.

Wedding bouquet for the bride is usually round, but some couples experiment, ordering the most unusual forms. Conical shape is rarer than round, but it is also quite common. Most often for wedding bouquet roses take, but also well under bright flowers such as orchids or lilies, lilies, calla lilies and others. For a bouquet of red roses in the toilet of the bride should be something bright red lipstick at least, otherwise the flowers will look more natural. There is a tendency, according to which bouquet includes seasonal items such as beautiful maple leaves in autumn or early spring blooming flowers.

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