Vintage, retro and classic in perfumes

Vintage, ? ? ?
 Fashion at the Vintage began in the last decade of the last century. Clothing, accessories, bearing the imprint of the XX century attract more attention and evoke nostalgia for a past age and give romantic flair fashionistas.

To us, in Russia craze Vintage came from France, England and America. First, this is where bohemians began appearing in retro - dresses for secular parties, and then, and we have more Vintage began to win the hearts of fans.

Now passion Vintage overstepped all territorial boundaries, and this style is also overcame stylistic boundaries. Time passes and becomes Vintage retro and classic.

For example, in the early twentieth century in Europe for a long time at the height of fashion was the so-called "Russian style" era of Alexander II.

Word Vintage - French origin and translates as withstood a decade of wine. This is quite true of "vintage" items, accessories and perfume.

The older the perfume, the higher its value - as well as wine, perfume becomes finer with time.

That the spirits had the right to enter the category Vintage them should be not less than twenty years, they should be branded, iconic. For example, the famous fashion house created a limited edition, or has become a symbol of his perfume decade.

Of course, items and perfume Vintage - it's not antiques, but, of course - a rarity, which can and should use to feel the breath of the era.

Modern perfume market is so saturated with, and unfortunately, the flavors are similar to each other so that a real find, individual smell is very difficult. All ladies and dandies hour began to turn to vintage perfume has already become a classic, having its own unique character and history.

As an example, here are a few names of branded perfumes in the style of Vintage.

Caron Fleurs de Rocaille by Caron - standard classic floral bouquet 1934 "birth".
Balenciaga Le Dix by Cristobal Balensiaga - both strict and sexy fragrance in 1947.
Madam Rochas by Rochas - the first issue of 1960, and in 1989 there was a new version. This fragrance - a symbol of French sophistication.
Fidji by Guy Laroche - in 1966 this fragrance brought with him a new era of freshness.
Cinnabar by Estee Lauder - oriental, spicy and oriental fragrance in 1978, the first of exotic perfumes.
Byzance by Rochas - bright floral fragrance for women 1987, created by perfumer impressed by the splendor of the treasures of ancient Byzantium.

Use perfume "old" generation can, if stored properly it retains its flavor and does not deteriorate, especially if kept sealed in a dark place.

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