Sunglasses: 7 best 2011 models

Sunglasses: 7 best 2011 models
 Sunglasses not only care about the thinnest instrument of knowing the world, protecting the eyes from the sun, but also complement the image fashionista. Properly chosen frame can produce an incredible effect, add charm and uniqueness of the female form. Must pick up points so that they fit to the shape of the face and bending eyebrows, as well as complement the ladies toilet as an accessory. 7 of the best models of sunglasses 2011 are designed to meet these requirements.

In order for hot sunny days to look at the world carefully and enthusiastically, but even at that and stylish look, just needed sunglasses. Choose the Right Sunglasses - means to win in the struggle for style and beauty. Designers in 2011 bet on "cat's eyes" and huge "stained" glass in thin and wide rims.

7 is to provide the best models of the year, designed to beautify and protect the beautiful half of humanity.
Primadonna old Hollywood is notorious for preferred "cat's eye" - glasses with upturned corners. Model Tom Ford - in addition has also painted over the family cat - "leopard". More discreet pattern of this model - Cutler and Gross. Corners is not raised, but the lenses are painted in bright blue color.

Next model that deserves attention - Louis Vuitton in the spirit of the '70s, covering half his face. Rims for his masterpiece designer chose leather stingray. Get the original and inimitable.

Designers Celine also represent a model with huge lenses, but they are more rounded shape. Girls with high cheekbones these glasses make irresistible. Silk blouses and trousers flared favorably complement the ensemble.
Model Yves Saint Laurent - round lens color glass bottle, could not go unnoticed. Such rock 'n' roll and points can be elegant, if they are to pick up a strict sleek outfit.

Glasses with square lenses do possessor stricter and discreet. Wear them with pants better and blazers. It is worth noting glasses Balenciaga. Frame them as decorated "animal" print.

Ray Ban model features a more feminine approach, but this model refers to the "square" models. Its slightly upturned corners rather shade shape than conceal.

In general, it is important to remember that the glasses came to the oval of your face and bending eyebrows. The ideal option is considered, if the color of the frame echoes the hair color or accessories.

It is also important to remember that buy glasses better FurLand. There certainly has a device for determining the level of UV protection.

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