How to choose the form of points

How to choose the form of points
 Most of us want to look attractive to please others. This can be achieved by using one of the most ordinary at first glance accessories - glasses. That they emphasized the attractiveness of your natural enough to choose the right form of the rim and the material from which it is made.

For a cute round face with a small nose neat fit model with ascending oblique lines. If a person is large, with expressive features and a high forehead - rounded and not so massive, they will add sophistication and attentive kindness. On the elongated face glasses look great with a straight top and rounded bottom lines. Volitional ("strong") chin can be mitigated or, conversely, to emphasize changing the width of the temples. "The Thinker" with a wide forehead and narrow chin aristocratic it may be advisable to opt for the version with a raised inner corners.

To emphasize originality, you should pay attention to the color of your future frames: he casts a shadow on the face of the light, but because it is so important to the overall palette create elegant harmony. For example, a blonde with fair skin fit models golden hues, as well as crystal clear. Dark-haired - brown and all levels of blue-green palette. Frames pastel special charm will surround holders noble "moon" gray. A Light Brown can recommend a soft drink semitones.

If you want to have glasses on his face subtly, select the very thin metal frame or a frame without rims. In this model, the temples are attached directly to the lenses and glasses themselves are barely distinguishable.

Of course, the choice of frame - the event is not the kind of ordinary. Today, sunglasses have become an integral part of the wardrobe, they complement (or even change) your appearance, show taste, as well as the level of income. Variants of precious metals - something fashionable and timeless. In short, a prestigious and respectable classic luxury. Material which is most commonly used in the manufacture of expensive frames, is still the gold. Platinum is only slightly inferior to him as silver. Very popular and gold-bearing alloys. By purchasing this frame, special attention should be paid to the number of carats - the immediate content of precious metal (for example, 22 karat gold sample corresponds to 917).

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