How to choose an umbrella

How to choose an umbrella
 In the free market, there are several kinds of umbrellas, ranging from canes and finishing folding models. Qualitative thing last a long time, it should choose, relying not only on your own taste and preferences, but also on the functional characteristics.
 Choosing umbrella, hold it in your hand. The handle should not slip, be large and easily fit in the palm of compressed. If the item is made of plastic, over time it can break away. Will last the longest umbrellas with rubberized handle or wood.

Pay attention to the quality of the spokes of the umbrella, which depends on the material of manufacture. Manufacturers use not only metal alloys or steel, but also combine one spoke steel and plastic parts, which contributes to the strength and resistance to strong winds. Well, if the hood is equipped with spokes made of elastic fiberglass. This material is easily deformed. These needles are used in Umbrella.

The number of spokes can be different - from greater than 8 and - their number does not depend on the strength of the umbrella. The more, the more rounded and beautiful will be dome shape. On the qualitative product spokes should be fixed concave side up. If the groove spokes turned down an umbrella will not stand even a slight gust of wind. Do good umbrella spokes attached to the dome in several places. This makes the model more robust and does not give the soaked cloth to sag.

Ask the seller, the material from which made the dome. If the nylon fabric will sit down after getting wet. This material also sheds from water. Durable and higher quality polyester. Manufacturers often excrete a silk or satin, or more rough and tough nylon. The fabric is impregnated with a special solution, thereby allowing it subsequently to repel water. When the canopy of the umbrella is made of thick fabric, like a mantle, we are talking about the use of pongee, ie polyester with a small amount of cotton. This fabric has a high wear resistance. Similar qualities are inherent and rubberized satin. Inspect the seams carefully: they should be neat, without breaks, with securely fastened thread.

If you need to carry an umbrella in her bag, choose a folding model. They are easy to take on the road, at work, on a visit. Unlike walking-stick umbrellas, they do not take up much space in transport. Mechanical models have to be added and opened manually, semi-automatic can reveal the touch of a button and manually add. Machine develops and opens by pressing a button. The more structure "joints", the easier it break.

France produces Teflon-coated umbrellas, at least a qualitative model can be purchased from Japanese manufacturers. Buying such a model, pay attention to the brand name of the manufacturer (with address and telephone number), which is decorated with umbrellas in one of the segments of the dome on the handle on the label sewn on the button can be on strap. There's also spelled out all the information on the composition of the tissue from which the product. If there is no information before you fake.

Check the attachment points of the model of the spokes. There are now only two types of fasteners, which some call the "crowns" and "winch". "Crowns", which are considered the best and easier repaired, contain a spring, "winch" - lace. Fold and unfold several times umbrella out of it in his hand. There should be no dents in the surface, in a good umbrella fabric is stretched evenly seams are neat.

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