Autumn must-have: wide belts, leggings and jackets

Autumn must-have: wide belts, leggings and jackets
 Autumn promises to be interesting, bright, full of adventure. Therefore, in the wardrobe of every fashionista should not only be sexy and feminine outfits, but still comfortable and practical. Autumn must-have headed wide belts, leggings and jackets.  

Autumn happy warm dry weather, so the girls are in no hurry to wrap yourself in a shapeless cardigans and flaunt open-tanned shoulders, short skirts naughty, showing off her beautiful summer rested on the heels and pantyhose feet.

However, that does not look like a dragonfly from a known Krylov's fable, already worth thinking about what you will be wearing in late autumn.

Trendy trend - leggings with socks. Leggings are experiencing a new boom - now they look much more elegant and refined than in the 80s of the last century. They are worn with silk dresses, denim skirts, knitted cardigans and tunics. They first appeared on the show Chanel, and invented their great Karl Lagerfeld. Leggings quiet tones can be worn with anything - from dresses to bags dress-shirt and shorts. Classics of the genre - leggings plus long sweater dress. In this set you can go and study, and in the movies. The obvious advantage of this dress - socks comfort during the cold season. In the afternoon they can be combined with trench coats and shoes on a small heel, suitable for a party mini dress, short shorts or bustier dress. The color scheme is full of a variety of leggings: geometric patterns, animal prints, ethnic motifs. But we should remember that flashy colors give all figure flaws, so carefully choose this item of clothing. If you are brave and confident girl, like to experiment, you should remember a few simple rules:
- Length leggings never be the same with a long dress or skirt;
- Do not wear them in tandem with the shoe;
- Plain leggings - option for all occasions;
- If your wardrobe is, leggings with leopard print, you should not overload the outfit with additional accessories such as colors.

Fashion accessory of the season will be a wide belt made of genuine leather, suede, textile, decorated with beads, beads, metal elements, ornament. To breathe new life into their favorite jacket, cardigan or dress, you should just decorate it with a wide belt - and it will sparkle with new colors. Wide belt will hide figure flaws full women make it more sophisticated and proportionate and emphasize the dignity of holders of at waist and elegant shape. It should also be remembered that it increases visual chest. And to not look vulgar, do not combine it with a dress with a plunging neckline.

Fashion houses are advised not to forget about the vests, borrowed from the male wardrobe. This current item of clothing suitable for both office paired with classic trousers, and for parties in tandem with short shorts, slacks or a mini-skirt. Combine the vest can turtleneck, top, vest, shirt. Classic black vest - irreplaceable thing in the wardrobe of fashionable women. He looks spectacular and office white shirt and a bright knitted jumpers.

Do not give up its position and fur vest. It is easy, does not restrict movements. It can be worn as a social event and a walk. He will give you an elegant and chic. On top of that in it you will never freeze.

No matter what you wear, try to pick up bright and warm colors, because the autumn - it is not a cause for melancholy and spleen.

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