The best bags and clutches this summer

The best bags and clutches this summer
 Women's handbag - is an essential accessory that complements the image and helps lovely ladies to look stylish and elegant. Summer to replace the classic business bag aged quiet tones colored models come with interesting and "mischievous" prints.
 Fashion trend for handbags this summer - the brightness! Feel free to choose the model of saturated bright shades. In summer you can afford a riot of colors, so the bag turquoise, scarlet, green and yellow colors will be very helpful. Very stylish look colorful patterns: white - blue or orange - purple. Bags in a cage, in a multi-colored stripes or polka dots add to your image of lightness and joie de vivre.

This summer fashion bags with colorful prints and fun details. The most relevant floral and ethnic motifs and leopard print and pattern that resembles snakeskin. At the height of the popularity of handbags made from crocodile skin! If you care about nature protection, buy a product made of artificial materials with embossed under the skin of various reptiles.

Maritime theme also remains in vogue. This model is presented in shades of blue and green and blue and decorated with accessories in the form of starfish and seashells or drawings of fish, dolphins, and ships. In conjunction with the things blue and white colors, they look especially elegant.

Decor elements are present not only on the bags with marine issues. This summer things interesting and decorated with vivid detail are very popular. Buy or embroidered with your own bag sequins, tassels, ribbons, decorative stones, charms and chains.

In a series of fashionable bags this summer a special place is occupied clutches. Small clutch purses can be carried in one hand, and larger models this summer fashionable to wear on the shoulder with a long and thin strap or just on a chain. More stringent color and decor clutches designed for offices and business lunches, and for special occasions and the publication of suitable models with rich vibrant exciting finish sequins or stones. Very unusual look clutches with the effects of plating done in gold or silver.

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