How to tie a pareo

How to tie a pareo
 Pareo become an integral part of women's beach toilet. It perfectly complements the bathing suit and hides figure flaws available, no loss of dignity. Selected to match the swimsuit, it's a light blanket makes a woman more charming. Wearing pareo can be different, depending on the desired effect and fantasy owner.
 Choosing the best way to tie a pareo, it should be remembered that there is no mandatory requirement to wear this part of the toilet. Tying options set. Knowing some of them can be selected or, showing the proportion of imagination to create their own unique style.

Model Tonga

So wear sarongs Polynesian islanders. Rectangular cloth should be folded diagonally to the fold line has a maximum length. From the fold side must roll the fabric in half length. Twisted pareo should be placed under the breast so that the triangles can be pulled up. But before that it is necessary to cross the twisted ends at the back and pull up to the shoulders. After that triangles can be pulled and tie on his shoulders. It turns air bustier, which can be combined with a light skirt or bikini.

Model Dolce Vita

Suitable for parties at the beach or a romantic walk along the coast. Tying pareo in this way must be at the center of the cloth to make a knot. Then you have to throw the tissue in the chest so that the site was in the middle. After that, two adjacent end should be under the neck tie. Further, both the lower end of the harness fastened, laid behind his back and tied a knot.

Model Siam

Also refers to the "evening" models wearing pareo. First, you need a long side of the fabric to wrap around the chest from front to back. Short right end should then located approximately in the middle of the right breast. Right-hand side of the cloth should be slightly shortened, gathering the fabric in hand, for "tail". Then a long left-hand side must also be collected in the "tail" to the fabric tight-fitting shape. Both the "tail" should tie a knot. As a result of these manipulations will hang in the front end of a long cloth. His upper corner must be taken in hand and arm reached easily from front to back, a little twisted. Twisted end is necessary to throw over your shoulder back and fasten with a brooch.

Model Tahiti

Pareos have to wrap around the body and fasten both ends of the breast in a simple knot. Then, the ends should start by the neck and tie a basic knot. For such a model, it is necessary to take the cloth twice the size than the hips.

Model gonna

Long side pareo have to wrap the chest. The left arm is necessary to cross the edges. One end of the cloth should stretch forward, the other on the back - to the right shoulder. The ends of the fabric should tie the primary node on the right shoulder.

Model Aphrodite

The upper edge of the fabric is necessary to fasten the side, below the shoulder. Two harness made from the side of the cut, it is necessary to tie on the waist line. Another variant of this model - the upper ends to tie pareo on the shoulder.

Model Bahamas

Should wrap a cloth body above the breast. Then again wrap the cloth above the chest. Thereafter, both the tip of the pareo need to tie on his shoulder the primary node.

Choosing a model for the creation of a beach, it is important to remember that the cloth pareo should be light and soft. Then the fabric drapes easily, and make beautiful flowing folds.

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