How to choose a wedding bouquet

How to choose a wedding bouquet
 Wedding bouquet long ceased to be a mere formality. If earlier bouquet could be anything (just to be), but now young people are very responsible attitude with this attribute.  

Going to a floral shop, to determine in advance exactly what you want. In modern floral design, there are many forms of bouquets: spherical, drop, linear cascade bouquet, cascading bouquet.

All of them, of course, beautiful, delicate, interesting. But then you should know that cascading or cascading bouquets, no matter how well looked fit only high bride. If you are not sure what will suit you describe florist bride, her appearance, character and outfit. Bring a photo.

Bouquet must fully comply with the selected image. Dense bouquet of bright roses hardly suitable fragile bride in a thin, lace dress. Remember that the bouquet - the continuation of the dress.

When choosing flowers for a bouquet, think about the language of flowers. Red roses symbolize passion, white - purity and tenderness, yellow - a nice chat. For mature brides bouquet selected individually, in accordance with its style and manner. There are appropriate saturated colors, exquisite, even fanciful shapes. Fit young girl flowers gentle, low-key.

Now popular book bouquet-double, which is made of the same colors as the main. This is useful for those who love the tradition to throw the bouquet girlfriends. After all, do not want to part with a bouquet, donated by a loved one in such an important day.

A few small points:

1. The bouquet should overlap with the bride's dress, but do not merge with them.
2. Bunch should not reek, it can be annoying and even cause allergies.
3. Choosing a bouquet, consider the nature of the bride.
4. groom's boutonniere should be performed in the same style and color with a bouquet of the bride.

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