Hats and scarves: beautiful and practical

Hats and scarves: beautiful and practical
 Hat and scarf - a very successful tandem that can freshen up your appearance and give a "flavor", which is so often looking for men and women. But these items of women's wardrobe so often prone to erratic fashion influences. Hats and scarves are able to decorate the image as well as its significantly impair. It is also important to be able to properly select, in accordance with your appearance, clothes and modern fashion trends.

The main purpose of the cap - the elegance. However, we should not forget that they are perfectly save us from the sun in the summer heat and wonderful warm autumn cold. Unfortunately or fortunately, fashion hats does not change very quickly and often, so you should pay special attention to this point. Would you like to wear a hat for a long time, or just plan it only for one season, especially when it is popular.

Hats and loves youth, successfully combining them with trendy haircuts or long curly hair. Ladies prefer the older classic models hats or berets.

When choosing a hat is also necessary to take into account your height, since very high ladies Mismatched hat can make even longer, and the ladies of average height or very low cap can completely reduced.

Of course, this hat is often purchased for a particular time of year. For summer has been a decade of consecutive relevant models with a wide brim. They look profitable and long sarafan which are very popular this season, and swimwear.

The perfect complement to the cap can be beautiful elegant scarf. Few seasons, this accessory does not lose its popularity among those who always tries to look stylish and beautiful. Scarf can be a bright accent in the color scheme of the entire image, they can easily replace the jewelry and costume jewelry. The variety of colors offers great opportunities for creative exploration.

There are many different options of wearing scarves and silk chiffon. Sometimes you can replace the scarf and the hat itself, as evidenced by the current boom in turbans. Option "scarf and glasses" - an image that can be called legendary.

With only one of the items your irresistible elegance and chic it will be difficult to challenge.

You can endlessly experiment with hats and scarves. The most important thing - look for harmony in everything. Everything has to perfectly match the color, that the image was not only integrated, but also memorable.

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