Bags and optimal number of

Bags and optimal number of
 For women bag - this is an indispensable thing. It is a must-have accessory, it holds the most necessary. Many bags does not happen, but what is their number should be in the women's locker room, one or more, how to choose a suitable and what to wear? Today there are many companies that create handbags, so everyone has the opportunity to choose exactly what you need.
 Bag can rightly be considered the main focus of the female wardrobe, facing its owner. Of course, that not every woman can afford to have a bag for each dress. But ideally need to have several options: summer - bright and winter - darker, clutch and a beach bag. Before you stop the selection on some models, think with some things and when you wear it. May depend on the shape and color of the bag.

Remember that your main - basic bag should be of very good quality, cost the most expensive, as you can afford it. You can choose a basic model for Hair color: Brunette suitable black bag, blonde - gray, red-haired and brown hair - dark brown. Fashion is not as important as that - whether in harmony bag with your shoes, a touch of lipstick, correspond to your shape, color, texture. It is desirable that it was not flashy, shiny accessories. Properly chosen model successfully complement and give completeness to any outfit.

Bright bag should be combined with most things wardrobe. Owners hair cool colors suitable color pattern of red wine, fuchsia, lemon and emerald. Women with hair warm colors - turquoise, orange, tomato red. These bags combine well with basic clothing brown, gray and black tones.

Under all summer dresses, you can choose white, beige, pearl-gray or cream-colored bag. Clutch or small purse "output" should fit to your evening dress. A beach - in harmony with pareo, bathing suit, hat or other headgear.

If you can not afford to have a wardrobe of several leather or suede bags, note the model of fabric or eco-leather. They look much better than bags of Colour Options or shiny leatherette.

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