Weight during pregnancy

Weight during pregnancy
 The problem of weight gain during pregnancy care about each woman, after all the stories about how you can get better over the first 9 months, varied. In order to not be afraid of changes occurring with the body, it is necessary to know what they are due.

The debate about what should be the weight gain during pregnancy, there are many conversations. It is believed that the increase in weight of the inherent nature, therefore no such thing as excess weight, simply does not exist. But doctors believe that the norm - it is 10-12 kg, in which each program has its own purpose and justification. While all the other pounds due to excesses in the diet.

The main mistake that appears overweight during pregnancy, for the fact that a child's development need to eat more than usual. Society loyal to overweight during pregnancy. Therefore, if in everyday life girl watching over her figure, not come to mind late at night to eat a piece of cake, then during pregnancy, such a desire is justified by the needs of the child. It turns out that there is a beautiful woman just an excuse to justify their tendency to gluttony to herself and others.

In practice, nutrition during pregnancy should be healthy and varied, but not excessive. And in order to after the birth of the child did not have to painfully long to come into shape, monitor their diet is necessary since the early days of pregnancy.

Assume for a number of pounds you can get better during pregnancy, it is difficult, as it is an individual process. However, a number of common factors present. If the girl was in deficit of body weight, it is gaining more established norm. Since nature makes sure to fill in the missing mass of the body, in order for a woman to successfully bear a child. The Constitution is also important, so if there is tendency to corpulence risk of obesity increases. The larger is the expected child, the more pounds dial mom.

Weight gain during pregnancy is the sum of the weight of the unborn baby, the placenta, increasing to leave the breast and uterus, interstitial fluid. At the same time on body fat are removed only 2-3 kg. The greatest increase in weight is given to the last trimester of pregnancy. Help deal with what is happening with the body, can special tables pregnancy signs that a child's development and status of women, depending on the term and called due weight gain.

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