Talk about "childfree"

Talk about "childfree"
 Is there something shameful that people openly profess to be childfree category? Why society negatively disposed to these people? Before condemn them, we must try to understand the reasons that led these people to such a difficult decision.

There is a proverb: from poverty or prison do not promise. Some add a third component therein: and by children. Nevertheless, there are people who just zareklis have children. The reason of this is anything but, regardless of the nature of the cause, these people were classified as "childfree", which literally means "free from the children."

Do not just hang up on these people labeled as "unfit for society." Does not need to be reminded that in every man by nature laid instinct for procreation. We first consider the causes that led to the man that decision. The reason may be several. Most probably a common cause - the fear of failing to provide the child properly. By "properly" means the ability to give a good education, to help financially. Understand such people is a snap: hardly anyone will like to live, watching his child barely making ends meet, and not be able to help him.

Another reason for coming to a decision about childfree is focusing on his career. There are true workaholics who, as they say, "married to his work." They understand that the break between the favorite work and the child will not have to make a choice but to part with favorite thing they do not want. Perhaps it is quite the right decision because they will bring to society is much more rewarding than giving birth to a child.

Though it is believed that maternal instinct is turned magically immediately after the birth of the child, but there are no rules without exceptions. Although it is difficult to predict, but if the kids never gives a person joy, emotion and other syusi-Pusey, then perhaps his desire to join the clan childfree is justified. Indifferent parents - not the best option.

Finally, there are people who love children, they may have and can afford it. And, nevertheless, they are convinced childfree. It's about the people who prefer to give life another way: they are active participants in charitable programs, they adopt children, help children's homes, families with many children. They cause only respect.

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