Self-importance in a child

Self-importance in a child
 Every kid wants to be the most-in many areas of life, to prove to myself and to others the importance of his person. Self-importance children need for successful formation and development of skills and talents. Achieving any success, the child is waiting for the evaluation and approval of the parents and friends in order to prove to themselves and to them that he really knows something. Received a proper assessment, it is strengthened in their abilities and believing in yourself. It helps him to strive for self-improvement.

Starting from the cradle, mastering new skills (when learning to use the potty, jump and climb on the table, ride a bike, tie shoelaces, to eat their own, without dirtying your clothes at the same time, etc.), the kids are looking for approval from their parents and relatives. Waiting praise typical for all children without exception. It is in the nature of each, as without assessing the ability of the child will have no incentive to move on. For example, if a child drew a beautiful picture, but have not received an approving assessment, it is likely that he will not do more painting, and starts looking for a way to stand out with a different activity.

When adults praise the child for his success (albeit imaginary), he begins to feel its importance to themselves and others, comes to him self-confidence. Without this sense of a child is difficult to fully develop talents, to form an opinion. Rather, he simply closes, and would feel worthless, incapable and useless man. Therefore, adults do not have to skimp on the praise, even when praising some and not for that. Find, something to praise and see what changes occur with the baby. He will seek to please, please, to re-hear in your address praise or approval.

A child who has a sense of self-importance and necessity is absent or stifle criticism, deeply unhappy, and it is difficult in life to succeed. And all because no one supported and encouraged. These people are usually no desire to uncharted horizons, new professions and self-belief. Try to develop in their children a sense of self-importance and dignity, if you want to see them happy and successful in life!

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