Parental relations: children and divorce

Parental relations: children and divorce
 When divorced spouses, for clarifying the relationship and division of property sometimes they forget about the main thing - the child. The kid needs to know about what is happening in his family, so it is important to calmly talk to him about it.
 Children under eight years old should not be talking about the causes of divorce and to talk about what happened to blame someone from parents. For kids it can be a real trauma. For those who are older, can explain why there was separation, without mentioning details.

In conversation, it is important to clarify the positive aspects of a new life: the child will have two houses, where his love, and in addition, a meeting with one of the parents, he will often go to the cinema, for example, to the zoo for attractions, etc. Note that the father or mother is not always leave the house - they will visit the baby. It is important that the former spouse at least the first time was with a toddler at home, went often for no reason as before.

Do not want to see her ex-husband in your life? Perhaps there are reasons. But admits that he is the father, and therefore, no matter how difficult, will have to make joint negotiations. Discuss how the meeting will be held with the children, how you will solve the problems of their education, plan a vacation, etc.

Make a schedule of meetings of the child with the parent who leaves the family. Though they are on schedule - surprise visits with joy can cause stress. And the baby will wait for dad or mom more often than those can come.

When the child stays with you, let her husband, if possible, to take him to her for a day or overnight. Summer to take with you on vacation - such communication will benefit both. Remember that there are crumbs grandparents with my father's hand, they should not be ignored. If they want to maintain a relationship, not a barrier to communication.

Do not let the relatives on both sides set up a child against a parent, a baby may occur psychological trauma. How would a husband or guilty, or as if he was being unfair to you, be discreet. For the little man you both stay most beloved and family for life.

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