Mistakes Parents and Teachers

Mistakes Parents and Teachers
 Parents and teachers make mistakes in the upbringing of children, because they regard them as small and consider their problems more serious and important than any children's difficulties. Seniors feel superior over the children, thus making a major mistake - underestimating the child as an individual.

Excess of parental authority occurs even pedagogically educated families. But parents and teachers allow faux pas, chastising children in the presence of strangers, praising the success or abusing their friends. Bans without explanation and phrases such as "Children are not supposed to listen to adult conversations" can be examples of abuse of power educators.

Not giving children the freedom to have their opinion, adults show that judgment is different from them has no right to exist. From parents and teachers the child can hear phrases like "Do not be silly," "You're smarter than us," lecturing tone.

Abusing children for rowdy behavior, parents and teachers exhibit selfishness that children actually prevent them relax or talk on the phone. Instead told utter about their difficulties, adults resort to petty lies, oblivious to the fact that children have the right to play.

Differences in parental education system reflects badly on the psyche of the child, teach him to manipulate his parents and an inability to distinguish between a childish prank from faults. To be successful in raising a healthy child requires unanimity in the family.

Often mistakes are made by parents and teachers with respect to the marks. Exposed stamp captures the level of student knowledge at the moment and may depend on the child's well-being and the mood of the teacher. Mark is not related to his ability, and personality of the child. Opinions on the basis of assessments is often biased.

Children listen to parents and teachers when they hear them. When adult scream and something constantly demand, the child is disabled. Children learn through imitation around, not through fear. If a child sees a sense of respect, he learns to respect if feels violence on themselves, then repeat it in the future. Children who have experienced violence, begin to hate themselves and others, they develop low self-esteem, lack of attention syndrome.

For the education of mentally healthy person must use cooperation, motivation and control. You should not protect children from the problems, but we need to teach them to overcome difficulties.

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