How to tear the child from the computer and teach him to read

How to tear the child from the computer and teach him to read
 Reading books and computer work - are fundamentally different activities for children. If computer games train reaction time, logic and observation, reading can further develop their imagination and memory, increase vocabulary and, ultimately, provide the proper level of intelligence.  

Here are just tear the child from the exciting world of computer adults today is very difficult. Kids that befell the charms of such games, picks up a book except for the training of school assignments. And then, if possible prefer to use Internet resources.

What to do? In the first place - to set an example. If mom or dad read constantly, and the house on a regular basis there are new books, the child is a child will pay them their attention. In this book should not be used just "filler" for the shelves in the closets.

Parents should not induce the baby on the question: "why do you always sit at the computer? ". It is unlikely that the assurance that "an adult so you can" become a powerful argument. Better to limit his stay in the virtual world of a certain time.

Read with your children. If the child is a child reading bedtime stories, with him looking at pictures and learn funny poems, the book will eventually become his friend and companion for life. At the same time it must he pulled himself.

Hardly compelling reading will bring similar results. Children need to be interested in, and to do so unobtrusively. Try to find exactly those books that will please your daze.

Not too lazy to listen and look to understand what children are interested in. Indeed, one well-chosen book may well be their "ticket" into the whole magic universe of reading. If a kid reading a book greedily, not wanting to break away from it, so the choice was correct.

If children do not want to read categorically, try to seek the assistance of audiobooks. Perhaps listening to an interesting story, the child will want to read the continuation of the book to find out what happened next. But do not make sure the baby started to read the book: such an approach can only repel the Wink.

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