How can parents teach a child to be afraid of

How can parents teach a child to be afraid of
 Fear - a natural feeling, which is present in every human being. Someone developed it a little harder, for example, people who are afraid of the dark or spiders, and someone purchased it. The child does not understand who he is to be feared, and who is not. But the wrong education and instills a sense of fear that can torment the kid for life.  

Typically, the baby is not afraid of the dark or strangers, parents gradually contribute to the acquisition of fears. It begins with innocent jokes to calm the child. The same babayka gives soul baby incredible fear. But of him are so fond of reminding parents when the child does not want to sleep at night. After that there is not only an alarm in the dark, but the fear of even swung his legs out of bed to go to the toilet. Mythical babayka breaks the child's psyche, and the child is simply intimidated, dreading nightfall.

The situation is similar with the "evil uncle" who will come and take a disobedient child. Baby begins to look into people's faces and suspended from society, as each representative of a strong half of mankind, he sees the potential evil uncle, who may at any time grab it and run. Thus was born the fear of society, the child becomes withdrawn and uncommunicative. Of course, before you throw another scandal parents, he will think, but whether or not the fear of the child quiet life mom and dad?

Sooner or later, the children begin to walk alone, but they avoid roads, parents begin to tell stories, and that the car hit by death. The child begins to fear the unknown word "death", and machines in general. From this it does not become more circumspect, on the contrary, starts to rush at the sight of each machine, which leads to tragedy.

The same situation is with other potentially dangerous factors in life that parents paint your baby, partly embellished them. If you want to grow a happy child who will not live in fear of the soul one way or another, just calmly explain to the kid all you need to know. Avoid the word "seize", "carry off", "eat", "kill" and the like. They make a child frightened and inferior. Also fears interfere with normal learning and reduce the quality of life. Just quietly tell to the child about the possible risks, but do not embellish them strange and terrible words that the child is brought into a sense of confusion and fear. Remember that happy childhood baby in your hands.

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