Grandmother instead of mother: Mistakes in Raising

Grandmother instead of mother: Mistakes in Raising
 Parents of an infant from the first days of his life are faced with the fact that the older generation has its own view of the features of care. The older the child the more reason for the collision of mothers and grandmothers, so not always the grandmother is the perfect tutor for your child.

No doubt, the closest person wants only the best for the child, but the child-rearing grandmothers has its own characteristics. In many cases, the love of grandchildren overshadows all other feelings, and children grow up in a kind of cocoon: on the one hand they are all allowed, and on the other side of overprotection can not fully develop.

In order to reach a consensus and did not give rise to conflicts within the family, it is easier to voice their wishes grandmother about the education of the child immediately. For example, if my mother believed that the child should be tempered, the grandmother should not coddle him too.

Parents often worry that the child with his grandmother does not receive such a development, as in kindergarten. But my grandmother could engage with the child herself. And in many cases, such studies do not give a worse result than in kindergarten. Pets children quickly learn to read, memorize poems and songs. If my grandmother for some reason it can not conduct educational classes, mom can just enroll the child in a center for children. Regular classes by special techniques to help your child get ready for school.

The problem of parents is that they often behave so that the child does not see his grandmother as a respected adult. That he felt that my grandmother with my mother are united in their demands, the concept of education must be shared. This applies to the regime, hobbies, power supply system. Errors upbringing mother should discuss with her grandmother only in private, not to drop the authority grandmother in his eyes.

Usually parents are more demanding for children, but also less tolerant. Grandmothers are ready to take the grandchildren as they are happy to join in the game and with a sincere interest in listening to children's stories. This is due to the fact that children are more psychologically close it with the older generation, as parents are burdened with household and work problems and do not always find time for children. So what can become a grandmother for the child not only a good educator, but also a true friend.

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