Creativity in School

Creativity in School
 The development of creativity in children - is to stimulate a creative approach to problem solving. Musical, visual and literary work creates a situation where for the job has a set of solutions. In each subject, you can find a way to "open" problems.

Creativity - a creative orientation of the person, the ability to create new ideas, willingness to unconventional solutions to problems. At the household level, it can be called wit, freedom from cliches, the ability to non-trivial thinking.

Schooling should develop the ability to be creative, not just logical thinking. Each of the children potentially talented, but in the process of training and education may lose creative energy, are accustomed to think "wildcard". Parenting creativity associated with the creation of an environment in which the child requires the autonomy of choice when the way the job can have multiple solutions, and the result can not be programmed in advance - it is unpredictable.

This is due to activities such as fine art, music, creative writing. However, in every subject there are opportunities to find a balance between creative jobs and tasks for the development of logic. In pedagogy adopted the terms "closed" and "open" problems:

1. Objectives, not is ambiguous conditions and having the only true solution is called closed;

2. Objectives described conditions have some uncertainty, allowed different solutions and responses are called open.

Ambiguity solutions, their multiplicity create for student search a situation where each required analysis skills, the ability to comparison options, the choice of solutions. The system is aimed at tasks such creative potential of the child, foster his creativity. This means the need to develop in children the ability to see problems, their ability to understand and resolve to make decisions.

In school training and development programs spelled out the need to prepare graduates for socialization in the society. Complex changing world demands flexibility and learning, understanding of the realities and adaptation.

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