Childfree - voluntary childlessness

Childfree - voluntary childlessness
 The fate of millions of people on the planet painted by previous generations: to get an education, a career, get married, have a baby. The order of the tasks can be changed. And if a woman's decision to give up a brilliant career society will accept with understanding and even some approval, the decision not to acquire a child she did not pass unnoticed.  

The word "childfree" literally means "free from the children." Movement with the same name unites people who do not have children and start a baby they do not plan to. Often, relatives, colleagues and the people passing by are interested in the reasons childfree do not want to have children, and can then be considered childfree normal people?

In addition to the joy and excitement of the possible birth of a new man, for that will need to be taken care of, and that you will need help to learn the beauty of this world, a woman should be aware that the child is taken away from her most of the time. And if to this girl lived rich and interesting life - promising work, friends, hobbies, extreme sports, but after the birth of all this will have to forget, at least for a few years. Not everyone agrees unconditionally to erase their usual life.

Many voluntarily give up the children among the reasons why they did it, called spoiling appearance after pregnancy. Certainly, one can find many examples of lost weight after the birth of women who have improved skin and hair condition. But this is the exception rather than the rule, and women after childbirth spoil the shape and earn really a lot of stretching.

Another reason that prevents the institution of the child, childfree called insufficient material well-being. Many young people grew up in Soviet times, when there were available sweets, rolls and Barbie dolls in the quantities in which they demanded the child's soul. Now these people are ready to give birth only if the funds will allow them to ensure the child a happy childhood with a private bathroom, a study in the prestigious school, regular trips abroad and the presence of all the wonders of technology. Or not to have a child at all.

Happy Mother's above arguments may seem insignificant. How can these problems be an obstacle to the most important event in a woman's life - birth of a child. Figure after giving birth can recover money for the school and toys can be earned over time, there is free time, new hobbies and friends. But whoever wants looking for ways, but the one who does not want - the cause. And you have to accept the fact that people do not want children not just because the birth of a child spoils appearance, they do not want the child, they realize that they are not willing to spend on his upbringing vast resources, and feel happy without it. Therefore, to happy people in the world had more children who want to be born, babies, childfree need to stick to their positions in the future. The main thing - that the child in the family was loved and welcome.

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