The secret to beautiful legs

The secret to beautiful legs
 Beautiful legs in women are the subject of admiration for many men, the reason for pride of their owners. That is why women all over the world have to put more effort and resources to make your own beautiful legs.
 Watch out for the health of your veins. After the legs, which are violet-blue mesh knotted veins (varicose), bulging outward, are the reason for a bad mood, and general fatigue. Therefore, if you get tired legs after work, do a simple exercise. Lie on the floor and let down your legs vertically on the wall. Soak 7-10 minutes so.

Do not wear shoes with high heels or unstable. Try to keep wearing such shoes to the very minimum. If you walk around the office only on the heels, then to work and back home to wear flat shoes, such as ballet flats.

Take warm baths with sea salt. You can buy a special hot foot bath. This will help you get rid of the feeling of tiredness in the legs.

Make a foot massage. He should be held lightly on the tips of the toes themselves toward the heel and heel work your way to the knee. This massage can be done with a soothing cream or gel for legs.

Work out every morning cold douche. To do this with the help of the soul poured over his feet with cool water. This tool is not suitable for those who are able to immediately catch a cold or who present inflammatory diseases.

During sleep swollen or tired feet need to be put on a small hill. Take it for a pillow, and put them under your feet. Try to imagine something nice and go to sleep. Even if your feet pray thee in this position only 30 minutes, it will be a tangible therapy for their health.

Regularly massage your legs straight in the shower a special massage mitt. You can also get a massage with a dry brush. This will prevent the appearance of cellulite.

Do not forget to make hair removal! After all, hairy legs nobody has brought beauty.

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