Tanning: the winter sun from the tube

 Artificial tanning - a change in color of the upper layers of the skin is not exposed to UV rays, using a variety of cosmetics. Keeps a tan (depending on the means used) in average from 1 to 10 days. To obtain it uses 4 main types of funds.

Lymphatic drainage

Avtobronzanty (avtobronzery or Self-tanning)

The main component avtobronzant - dihydroxyacetone (DHA), a substance belonging to a group of sugars, glycerol derivatives. 60-ies of XX century DHA used in the treatment of diabetes, and were then found his "avtozagarnye" properties. DHA reacts with the amino acids and proteins of the skin keratin thereby forming "melanoidins" - material, different from the composition of melanin, but also coloring the skin and gives it a natural tan color. In this case, only the painted surface layers of the epidermis, so when the horny scales begin to flake, tan fades and washed off.

After applying avtobronzant tan does not appear immediately, after 3-4 hours, are required for the reaction between DHA and skin proteins. However, there are tools that give effect already after 1 hour, or alternatively no earlier than 5:00. Generally, the faster tanning occurs more rapidly disappears.

DHA does not penetrate into the body, and the products of chemical transformations leave the surface of the skin with a tan. Washed a tan average 3-10 days (although for some agents, mainly used in salons, this figure may be, and 14 days). With the same scrub sponges and hard-tanning can be washed off within a few hours after application.

The first generation avtobronzant often accused that they cause skin dryness. However, this lack of modern means practically deprived. In addition, they provide not only the skin bronzed, but also complete care. Their formulation may be enriched with nutrients and anti-age components ingredients which enhance the tanning effect and make it uniform (vitamin A oil and hazelnut walnut, carrot extract, etc.). The composition of some funds for tanning include reflective particles: their slight flicker visually aligns the surface of the skin.

Self-tanning products may be intended for the face, body and legs, or be universal. At home, use them to get an even tan easier on the face, décolleté, arms and legs. Avtobronzanty produced in the form of creams, mousses, lotions, milks, sprays, aerosols, gels and even napkins is now virtually all of cosmetic marks from professional and to pharmaceutical and selective mass.

The latest trend in "avtozagarnoy fashion" - the appearance of moisturizing body lotion with a light tanning effect. They give the skin only slightly noticeable golden hue. But when they are used daily effect over time to be the same as after the traditional avtobronzant. In this case, the tan goes very smoothly, without stripes or spots.

Give the skin a bronze color without the sun can not only at home but also in the cabin. It uses both the traditional manual application and special sprayers installed in cabins. When applying this to the entire body avtobronzant sometimes requires no more than 5 minutes.

The main disadvantage is avtobronzant uneven tanning at their inept application and delayed and not too lasting effect and sometimes unpleasant scent on the skin.

Laws applying avtobronzant

1. Before use, check avtobronzant not an inconspicuous area of ​​the skin to prevent allergies and understand how intense the color you get.
2. avtobronzant should only be applied to clean, dry skin, and prior to the application you want to use a scrub or peel - it removes dead skin cells and promote a more even tan.
3. For even tan means necessary to put sliding massaged several times carrying palms of your hands on the same zone. At a rough and dry skin, apply a little less money.
4. When applying avtobronzant as often as possible, wash your hands.
5. If you want to get rich shade is better to put more than one thick and thin layer 2-3 ..
6. Within 1-2 hours after application, it is desirable not to put things light.
7. Carry out this procedure is better in the morning, because at night during sleep may uneven staining of the skin.

Or bronzer bronzer

This second type of means of tanning. Sunburn in this case is formed by ordinary staining of the skin. When applying dye skin instantly becomes tan, but it washed off after the first contact with water. The disadvantage is the instability of bronzer paint that when moisture dissolves and stain clothing and the skin may appear bright spots and stains. Because of these shortcomings, bronzer is not widely distributed and can be found only in some professional brands.

However, bronzer is often part of the funds for tanning. If the traditional colorless avtobronzanty very hard evenly over the skin, the presence of the dye greatly simplifies the task. In this bronzer washed away after the first shower, and smooth and beautiful tan remains for several days.

Tonal resources with a hint of tan

This is the simplest and most traditional way to give a tanned look face and upper chest. Makeup does not require advance application, and any errors can be easily corrected. In addition, most of these foundation and powder contain Reflective particles. So, the complexion is not only more tanned, but also smooth. In general, such means are presented in selective marks (although there are some categories in mass-market).

Tablets Sun

Despite the fact that according to forecasts, future-for the "beauty from within", effective and safe tanning pills until they invented. Those that have to contain unsafe canthaxanthin. Once in the body, this substance paints over various organs and tissues, including the skin. Depending on the dose and the individual features can be obtained by artificial tan to dark orange brown. However, scientists do not recommend the use of canthaxanthin (these pills are banned in the United States and some Western European countries). The fact that it is deposited in the light- and tsvetovosprinimayuschey shell eye (retina) causing kantaksantinovuyu retinopathy and some other problems.

Tanning and sun

Whatever may be the dark your skin, tanning does not save us from harmful ultraviolet rays. Now, however, many companies have begun to include in
avtobronzanty their sunscreens (SPF usually not more than 4). However, for full protection from the sun that is not enough!

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