Shiatsu - the secret weapon of the Japanese beauties

Shiatsu - the secret weapon of the Japanese beauties
 Shiatsu - oriental art of massage. According to this doctrine, the vital energy moves through the body like blood. Energy moves through the channels, called meridians. Shiatsu uses a needle-less method of influence on various points. Since ancient times, oriental beauties have used massage to relieve stress and eliminate many diseases.

Unwell person can disrupt the movement of vital energy through the body. It clogged energy causes stress, nervousness and various diseases. Shiatsu massage frees the energy that allows you to relax and feel good again. The Chinese call this energy "Qi". Textbooks detailed layout of the meridians, which moves this is the "Qi". These channels lead to a point called acupuncture points. It is in these energy accumulation occurs. By clicking on the point is released, and "chi" starts again circulate freely on the human body.

To raise the tone and enhance the flow of vital energy, use the following point. It is located on the 4 fingers below the navel. Circular motion massage this point for 3-5 minutes. You can also try other techniques. Gently press your thumb on the acupuncture points. Point located on 2-3 fingers below the elbow on the inside of your hands will help you improve your overall health and will eliminate hand fatigue and legs.

There are points of the so-called instant impact. They need to be massaged at least 10 seconds. Massage will quickly neutralize the problem, and you will feel much better. When anxiety and feelings, click on a point located on the back of the knee, 3 fingers below the kneecap. This will allow you to calm down and soberly assess the situation. Get rid of insomnia will help you massage earlobes. Circular motion with two fingers massage the earlobes. The need for a cigarette can neutralize the following manner. Press firmly on the bone, which come together clavicle. Do this carefully so as not to damage the throat. To get rid of headaches, depression near the temple massage or press the point between the eyebrows. This will help you relieve the stress and focus on your business. To cope with the pain and ailments in the menstrual period, you can by clicking on a point located in the middle of the forehead - namely, three fingers above the eyebrows.

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