How to become a beauty

How to become a beauty
 If we compare the standards of beauty in different eras, you can find a lot of differences in the female type. But there are similarities between the recognized ideals. For example, thick, lush hair, healthy skin, which is proportional to the figure, etc. To turn into a spectacular and attractive lady, it is necessary to learn how to skillfully emphasize their strengths and hide flaws.
 It is difficult to dispute the fact that the man loves his eyes, so beautiful half of humanity is making a lot of effort to please them. But in the pursuit of attention of the opposite sex all do not forget about the natural charm that is inherently in every woman. Compliance with some simple rules will help you become a beauty.

Rule one - clean and healthy skin. After all, according to the beauticians, her perfect condition (no acne, broken capillaries, etc.) - this is 90% of beauty. Therefore, take good care of your face and body. Choose the appropriate age and type of skin nourishing and moisturizing agents, sunscreen use, various masks, etc. In addition, the more I tried to be outdoors, give up smoking, and then your skin will become radiant appearance.

Second Rule - treat hair. Regardless of their length, they are part of the appeal. Take care of them: buy a perfect shampoo, apply conditioner, balms, make masks, etc. Then the hair will have a healthy appearance and will delight you with a beautiful sheen.

Rule Three - follow the figure. Here most important body proportions than size and weight. But it is worth remembering that those extra pounds can lead to health problems and give rise to various kinds of complexes. Therefore move more: Exercise, dance, yoga, etc. Try to keep your body in good shape and improve it.

Rule Four - take care of health. Agree that the sick person does not look beautiful and attractive. Therefore, go through an annual survey, and in the event of unexplained symptoms immediately contact a doctor. In addition, try to eat right, give up bad habits. Learn to take a break from work and be sure to get enough sleep because lack of sleep leads to unhealthy complexion, the appearance of bags under the eyes, headache, etc.

Rule Five - Find your own style. Be interested in fashion trends, but do not follow them blindly. Choose clothes that emphasize the advantages of your figure and hide its flaws. Do not seek to improve their appearance by using a large amount of cosmetics. Remember that woman with natural make-up always wins against the backdrop of brightly painted ladies.

And finally, love yourself for who you are. Self-confidence - that's the main secret beauties.

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