Beauty tip: to quickly and inexpensively

 With age, the beauty fades and slips away - but only if you do not make an effort to keep her. However, maintaining the well-groomed beauty requires some effort and time. However, you can improve your look from head to toe with minimal effort. In this case, there are no trifles. In the end, it is from such trifles, and develops your holistic way.  

Even if time is against you, there are simple ways to improve their appearance, do not splurge on expensive cosmetics. We hope these tips will help you improve the condition of nails, hair and skin in the shortest possible time.

1. When you are in a hurry, ordinary masking karanadash - that's all you need to refresh the skin and give it a healthy glow. Put a little money on the skin under the eyes and problem areas, hammer it lightly with fingertips, no smearing. All - you are ready to exit.

2. Pedicure and manicure always looks fresh and preserved for a longer time, if you use varnish neutral color such as light pink, flesh or beige. If the finish is cracked, it will be less noticeable than if you used a paint bright shade, for example, red or burgundy.

3. To restore the softness cracked lips, gently massage them a soft, damp toothbrush (preferably just the one that you brush your teeth). Apply a little Vaseline on the brush or your favorite lip balm to spend something like a mini-peeling.

4. Cucumbers are useful not only in salads. Place the thinly sliced ​​cucumber circles on closed eyelids to remove puffiness. Before use, be sure to cucumber circles put in the fridge for at least 15 minutes. If you do not have at hand cucumber, its role perfectly perform wet and chilled tea bags.

5. You quickly zhirneyut hair, but do not have time to take care of them and often wash? Pour a little baby powder on the brush hair or straight hair. Powder easily and quickly absorb the excess fat. However, do not overdo it, otherwise the risk to get the effect of gray hair.

6. Dry lipstick lasts longer on the lips than lipstick containing more emollients and oils. As a rule, matte lipstick last longer all. If you do not like is often refreshing lip makeup during the day, do not use glitter.

7. If you want the skin was perfectly smooth legs, shave legs just after a shower. Hot water will help soften the hairs, which greatly facilitates their removal.

8. If the ink will often slips and forms lumps on the eyelashes, try cleaning brush for applying mascara cloth to remove excess, which is getting to the eyelashes and forms a pesky lumps. Carcass, which remains on the brush enough to evenly coat the lashes.

9. If your hair is tousled constantly try to rinse your hair with cool or cold wash after wash. This helps to "pacify" unruly cuticles, making the hair lie flat.

10. If your purse is no room for cosmetics, you can do one lipstick. Choose a neutral color lipstick, which can perform as a function of lipstick and rouge function. Several times, touch lipstick to her cheeks, then blend color.

11. bronzing powder - another great multi-purpose tool that does not take up much space. Always carry a brush for blush, which can be used to make up the cheeks and eyes. Also, try to refresh makeup lips clear lip gloss or balm.

12. Put in order bushy eyebrows help ordinary hair gel. Well-groomed eyebrows immediately opened and frame the eyes, making eye makeup particularly attractive.

13. If you do not have time to play with eye shadows in different shades, try to use a neutral color shade. This makeup works wonders. Apply a shimmering shade (but not brilliant) to the area under the eyebrow, or a shade of pastel palette on the entire eyelid. Matte eye shadow may appear too light and powdery.

14. When buying cosmetics seller or ask the assistant to give you samples or testers liked funds. This is a great way to experiment and, in addition, the tester is convenient to use when traveling.

15. Instead of wearing a purse large bottle of perfume loved one, try to use multiple tools with one flavor - shower gel, powder and lotion. So fragrance remain on the body for a longer time.

16. Forget the "critical days" of hair. Comb your hair parted on the side, and assemble them into a sleek low ponytail at the nape. Secure the tail rubber band or hairpins of the same color as the hair, and fix her hair lacquer not strong fixation. Remember that there is nothing more elegant than the simple and classic.

17. How to make teeth whiter without the help of a dentist? Very simple! Enough to choose a lipstick with a slight bluish tinge. Light pink, purple, burgundy and dark red will make you smile truly dazzling.

18. If you are long overdue to the hairdresser, but you can not make time for this important case, try the procedure conditioning at home and get tired hair shine and beauty. Use air-conditioned one - two times a week to protect your hair until you podstrizhete tips.

19. Try to hold on the bottom inside of the eye contour pencil white or another light color, and the lash line to emphasize the dark blue or very dark blue. Contrast colors visually enlarge the eyes, making them brighter and look - expressive.

20. In order to smooth and soften rough skin on elbows and knees when taking a shower, use a delicate body scrub and then a moisturizing cream containing alpha hydroxy acids. This procedure can be repeated for the feet - this is a kind of mini-spa treatments.

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