10 procedures that you must do before the New Year

 You need to freshen up. From head to toe - I think to myself, looking at the calendar. Before the New Year is not possible, but you need to pamper yourself with the necessary procedures and celebrate the New Year luxurious, well-groomed and happy. Snow Maiden all-beauties dedicated.  

1. The course wraps

 In the pre hectic and do not forget about the body. Take a Tour wraps. "Stuffing" choose myself - chocolate body wrap, vegetable wrap, mud or seaweed ... After a course of 6-10 treatments, you will notice how to improve the structure of your skin will feel much fresher and fresher. It is also seen lifting and anti-cellulite effect, but it can be strengthened if alternate procedure wraps with anti-cellulite massage of problem areas. Also you saturate the skin macro- and micronutrients, which are particularly lacking in the winter.

2. Laser Hair Removal

Probably the best gift for a woman who can think of - forget about shaving and depilation permanent. You still have time to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. Go for laser hair removal procedure and consult with a specialist. Laser hair removal will relieve you of unwanted hair on the upper lip, in the upper chest, the legs and arms, shoulders, abdomen, buttocks, face. Inside, you can also display the tattoo and vascular "stars" on the face.

3. SPA capsule

 The whole year you worked hard at work and at home, and now has a full right to pay attention to yourself. Go to a program of recovery, restoration of vitality and figure correction using the latest equipment "SPA cocoon". Deep heating of tissues by means of infrared radiation, exposure to steam and whirlpool gives a good result so that the spa Cocoon called "health resort, which is always there." You can try several programs rapid weight loss. For example, hydro + vacuum + lymphatic drainage Vichy shower + bubble bath.

4. Procedure for rejuvenation

For two weeks, it turns out, can be a good idea to look younger. Imagine that you meet the New Year without wrinkles, with smooth skin and barhastitoy. On the eve of New Year and beauty of the season to you as nothing more appropriate procedure nanoperforatsii skin. Contactless procedure - laser creates thousands of microchannels in the skin, each smaller than a human cell. At the point of standing at the end of this sentence, fit about 2,000 such microchannels (!). The body reacts violently to the impact point and includes mechanisms for accelerated tissue regeneration. Redness of the skin takes 2-3 days, and you'll be back in the office. Do not even need to take sick leave, change its mode to limit yourself to something. Within two weeks after the procedure, you will see the gradual disappearance of wrinkles, narrowing of pores, improve skin tone and texture.

5. Silk lifting

Leading the way - many parties, go out, dinner with his parents. And the skin after stress, smoking and fatigue looks like a squeezed orange. Correct this condition by a rapid lifting and procedures attracts name - "Silk lifting". This procedure is based on the use of natural silk fibers (fibroin). When applied to the skin is formed fibroin protein plenochka, which does not interfere with gas exchange in cells and does not clog pores, has a lifting effect, softens and moisturizes the skin for a long time. As a nice bonus, express lifting gives a radiant, soft and silky smooth skin saturated with moisture.

6. Facial Massage

 What would you say there is not, and face massage - one of the most effective procedures for combining business with pleasure. Make the cabin classic facial massage for muscle tone, maintaining normal skin. Or plucking facial massage that will erase for no obvious problem areas, such as scars, spots, expressed deep wrinkles, seborrhea. Professional make it qualitatively and competently, because with him a greater role played by many factors: the correct movement, type and condition of your skin, a tool that is used for massage and duration of the session.

7. Lifting of breast

Modern women are concerned the condition of those areas that are "in plain sight" - face, neck, hands and chest area, neck. If you're over 25, you are interested in a quick result - we recommend a method of treatment of aesthetic medicine - lifting the breast (mesotherapy). The gist of it is that the skin is very thin and short needles to a depth of 2-4 mm small doses administered therapeutic cocktail of drugs. On 1 course is 8.10.15 procedures 1 procedure per week.

8. Eyelash

 In the New Year's holiday time will be very little makeup, and I want to look at 100%. Clean and healthy skin we already have (see above), the body also put in order, but the lashes are not thick and short. You always wanted to have long, luxurious - it turns out! Eyelash on Japanese technology (poresnichnoe) or silk extensions that offer beauty, will make you forget about the daily morning and every evening make-up removing mascara. Eyelash extension procedure takes about two hours, completely painless and safe.

9. Correction of figures

Have you heard about the procedure with the code name of LPG? Essence - massage the skin and subcutaneous fat. Action - the fight against cellulite, body shaping and prevention of aging.
During the procedure, the patient's body is massaged with special rollers through individual suit. This process is accompanied by a small vacuum. In the cells of the skin there is a rapid change: begins production of collagen, improves the structure of the skin and subcutaneous adipose tissue. The body becomes smoother, firmer, younger; decreases its volume, there is a correction sagging and sagging skin. One body treatment with the device Cellu M6 Keymodule in intensity replaces six visits to the masseur! Special nozzles are provided for programs to care for your face, neck, chest area of ​​the abdomen.

10. Tan

 In vogue short sleeveless dress, neckline ... Of course, it would look nice with a tanned, chocolate tan. Not everyone has the opportunity and the means to go every month to the southern sun, but each of us has the opportunity to acquire a nice tan using tanning mikronapyleniem. During the procedure applied mikronapyleniya special composition (DHA), which gives the skin a beautiful shade. This composition passed all dermatological testing and is absolutely safe substance.


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