Winter 2008: in fashion - personality

 Winter fully come into its own, and we are actively developing winter wardrobe. Something, unfortunately, out of fashion, but what to get in return? Women's magazine JustLady how with minimal cost to look fashionable and stylish!

At the crossroads of cultures.

Sometimes it is difficult to make a wardrobe of several parts, so in everyday life we ​​often prefer the proven combination of colors and neutral style.

Winter 2008 - it's time to dream. Cold weather has a multilayered and multifaceted.

Horoscope 2008: The new year of the rat

Now outfit can include almost incongruous : Classic jacket combined with a skirt in ethnic motifs, bright tie as a supplement to a neutral gray suit, feminine top in oriental motifs on top of the usual jeans.

Femininity goes out of fashion.

On the eve of New Year holidays theme of femininity as relevant as ever. Designers vying to flaunt all facets of femininity. Formal nights are offered long robes of flowing fabrics; office appropriate feminine blouses of silk or satin; at a party - sexually attractive dresses a la Marilyn Monroe.

Emphasis - on the dress.

By the way, the dress is incredibly popular for the publication, as well as for everyday life. "Little Black Dress" Chanel got a new interpretation. Staying small and slightly fitted dress can be quite incredible color.

Encouraged the use of beads and other decorative items. For the most avant-garde fashionistas dress suit jacket-cut. This whim of fashion can easily meet even in the absence of skills designing clothes. But if you use the right material (with a bright pattern, iridescent color), this dress will be a real hit of any party.

Knitted beret - a favorite of the season.

Whereas previously the emphasis is on the bag or shoes bright colors, now all attention is drawn to the face and head. Takes the best for women with short hair, and owners of long hair. It always adds chic and emphasizes femininity. Takes can be worn on a youth party, to protect against the cold ... and even on the beach.

Winter boots.

Bright opening of the winter season - boots in the style of "military". With a little heel or flat shoes, such boots can be worn with any wardrobe - from everyday jeans to haute couture dresses.

Topical skin soft colors - beige and light brown. Fortunately, fashion is quite diversified, so the other extreme fashion trends remain feminine high-heeled boots with a rounded nose, made of soft, thin skin.

The final touch - gloves. Gloves this season - in the spotlight. Most stylists agree that gloves should be made of a very thin skin, and the height of the accessory reaches to the elbows. Gloves can be worn for protection against the cold, but you can - solely in the interest of fashion. "At the peak of" not only black, but emerald green, lemon, cherry tones.

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