Fashion Tricks

 Would you like to have legs like Heidi Klum (Heidi Klum)? 8 cubes press, like Halle Berry (Halle Berry)? Neckline, like Scarlett Johansson (Scarlett Johansson)? Or maybe all at once?

I am sure that "no" would answer only those who already have it. At the same time their colleagues on a blue screen with a less prominent advantages figures look just as good. Such encouraging paradox comes from professional stylists and, of course, fashion designers, who create so many clothes that the mission "The main thing to suit sat" becomes feasible for women with any type of figure. Prove to the world the streets of boutiques. There's tons of purchased weapons against the disadvantages of the figure. Shopping List most versatile to deal with them is presented below.

Three quarter sleeve - A real godsend for those representatives of the category of "full fashion», as Mia Tyler (Mia Tyler), Alicia Keys (Alicia Keys) and others prone to extra pounds beauties. Provided that the sleeve is not too fitting such length makes the shoulder part of a relatively proportional brush, concealing and revealing the fullness of the wrist for fashion fantasies. Particularly pleased that such a successful trick available to every outfit - from ordinary shirts to coats. And if the latter sleeves are subject to seasonal and fashion, the classic knitted blouse or a dress made of expensive cashmere can always claim to be the basic things in the locker room.

Not less versatile in this respect is alsoA-Line. Such a form equally well as a dress for Kelly Osbourne pyshnoteloy (Kelly Osbourne), and as a coat on anorexic Mary Kate Olsen (Mary Kate Olsen). However, it is not only adorns starlets, as Age is not important when it is selected. The main thing - the length. Short dresses, shirts allow boast new jeans or leggings (depending on personal taste and fashion trend), while the long version of the letter "A" is more suitable to maximize hide imperfections and visually lengthen the leg silhouette. It is important to remember that a small increase in A-silhouette adorns only in tandem with a pair of high heels.

V-neckline - Another trick in the trendy alphabet, which masks not one stellar problem area. It is visually narrows the shoulders than actively uses Cameron Diaz (Cameron Diaz), and the perfect fit with a wide, round face and compensates for a slight increase, as is the case with Christina Ricci (Christina Ricci). The deeper the cut-out, the stronger its visual effect and the more opportunities to use another method against the shortcomings - layering.

Although sweater with a large V-neck and wearing under his shirt collar with a sharp worthy decorate even the most swan neck, the best multi-layered works against permanent or temporary deficiencies hands, waist and hips. Was not seen any woman who could not be tempted to wear at the same time a couple of T-shirts with loose sweater or loose tops with an elongated jacket. There is no doubt pleased that the latest collections convinced of the relevance of many layers at least for another year. This "kit" allows you to feel comfortable and at the same time urbanistichno, but leaves room for trendy maneuvers, one of which may be a belt.

Belt - Probably the only accessory that is always present in all the collections in some of its models. Currently, he is unusually wide and covers almost the entire waist. Christina Aguilera (Christina Aquilera) puts this with all things from the wardrobe: and coats, and cocktail dresses, and with a thin jumper. Minus at this handsome multifunctional only one - he really decorates the extreme fragility, but not completeness. But there are many now classic models (such as a thin black Hermes in Linsey Lohan (Lindsay Lohan)), which put just as you please. Including with long blouses, shirts and tunics, tactfully shifting the emphasis from the waist to the hips. This is ideal if want to make the image more saturated and not to draw attention to the lack of sports media. In addition, the role of the belt can be a scarf that you can tie under the bust bustier dresses, so the focus will be on the chest (in the case of a free cut dress, of course). As the same trick for an evening out, many designers use silk, satin or velvet ribbons. This elegant distracting trick ensures that the volume of your waist remain a mystery. 

However, it may remain and any other sizes and volumes - if each garment podsmotren and selected strictly individually, the mystery will be wherever you see fit. And it will be such a fashion that the defects will be loved.

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