Checkered trend of winter 2008 - 2009

 Once again, the rapidly changing fashion presents us with another surprise - this time in the form of already somewhat forgotten by all cells. Started to gain momentum in the autumn of 2008, the cell rapidly fills the podiums and shelves in stores in winter 2008-2009. About cellular diversity coming fashion women's magazine tells JustLady!

All variations of cells - "Vichy" (two-colored small cell), the classic black-and-white and color variation of the so-called "bird's feet" "Pied de bullets" and the Scottish tartan (intersecting vertical and horizontal colored stripes) - again at the height of fashion. Cage is relevant at all - in skirts, pants, coats, hats, shoes, and accessories, and ...

The most popular classic version - Tartan. Crossing a classic black-and-red-white and saturated red and green bars are literally crazy world famous designers.

Even if the cell is not a major piece collection, at least two or three subjects, no, no, yes zipped on the podium. Fashion houses such asCHANEL, Balmain, Diane von Furstenberg, Just Cavalli, Emporio and Giopgio Armani, D & G, Maison Martin Margiela, Ermanno Scervino and many others - none of them could not resist in order not to include in your collection something checked. Someone made an emphasis on a large square, someone on the small, who for light, calm tones, and someone on Pestryaev, funny cells - but no one has passed such a fertile topic.

Apparently, the secret of love to the cell lies within each of us - probably in deep childhood all girls and all boys in the locker room had a comfortable checkered coat, skirt, pants or warm shirt fun.

So do not give designers all over the world to forget us about this amazing figure - cell penetrated everywhere. But if we are used to the trousers, dresses and suits in a cage, and even bright pleated kilt, which became a hit of the season, not so strongly affects our imagination, something completely knocked out of the rut plaid shoes and handbags. For those who are shy to wear a bright checkered suit, hat, scarf, shoes or handbag with crossed stripes is the perfect way out.

At the height of the popularity of cell one can not forget the famous fashion house, whose face for fifteen decades is precisely this pattern - it is, of course, the fashion house Burberry, who during the First World War, became famous for his gabardine raincoat.

The well-known white-red-black cell on a beige background has long been a cult. In this seasonBurberry presented us with a collection that contains enough things calm colors, including very conservative plaid shirts, suits, etc.

Looking at a variety of walking the catwalk beauties in a cell, do not forget that this figure should be able to wear.

If you are petite, it is unlikely you will approach a large cage - you'll look at it simply grotesque, and small cell on a large lady will look a little funny.

If you want to color the cells were collected in costume ensemble (previously, we observe is not practiced), do not forget that the number of colors to be combined must not exceed two or three, including the number and accessories.

For business ladies ideal small cell "Vichy" - for example, a red cell on a white background. Under this outfit suit monochrome white or red shirt or golf.

Tweed suit with an ornament from the "bird's feet" or conventional, non-biased cell, became once popularized by Coco Chanel style, suitable for women of all ages and very different complexion.

Skirts in the cage are also very diverse and versatile: in fashion skirts of different styles and lengths. The most popular length to mid-calf. Which variation of the cell will be on your skirt - plaid, bird foot or Vichy - it does not matter, the main thing - its availability. To date, the "classical" is outfit consisting of a white shirt and skirt in bright red and green cell combined with black patent leather shoes.

Definitely, the cell became a joyful event in the world - because of its diversity will help us survive the cold winter fun.

Author: Julia Boltneva
Women's magazine JustLady

Tags: suit, cell, style, trend